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Franklin D. Roosevelt Vs. Abraham Lincoln Essay

This paper will compare and contrast Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. I will compare and contrast both of their childhood and education. Then I will compare and contrast their presidency. This paper will also cover the similarities and differences on how they tried to improve our country and what they wanted to happen when they were in office. Finally, I will close with the similarities and differences about both of their deaths. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States. He became president in March of 1933. He led a big part in the World War Two . He died while he was still in office on April 12 1945 of a cerebral hemorrhage. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. He became president on November 6, 1860. He helped free the slaves and he was a great speech and poem writer. He was murdered when he went to a play on April 14, 1865, with a gun shot to his head. The comparison of these two presidents early life is not really good comparison, But let me tell you the similarities. They both went to school and got an education. They loved to read and they preferred learning to working physical labor. They both would set there and read a book–after a book–after a book. This led to a difficult relationship with their fathers, who was just the opposite. Abraham and Franklin were constantly borrowing books from the neighbors. They both lived a sheltered life and never really got into big trouble. They were both Tall, handsome, athletic, and outgoing. They loved to go outside and play with the neighbors or just go out side and play by themselves Abraham and Franklin both moved around when they were little. They both adapted to their environment quickly. It never seemed to bother them. They both had to go threw the feeling of losing a member of their family at such a young age. The differences of Abraham and Franklin’s childhood were not much of a difference, But there was some differences Abraham was taller than all of the men in his neighborhood and Franklin was tall, but he wasn’t taller than everyone else. Abraham loved to go out and help his dad chop wood or do any  other chore that was needed to be done around the house. But Franklin on the other hand, He would help his dad and his mom but, he would rather read a book or go outside and play. Franklin went to a prep school, while Abraham went to a school that all you did was study at your own pace and and work indivitualy. This school was more like independent studies, yet, it wasn’t for bad children. â€Å"When Abraham was around 9 years old, his mother; Nancy Hanks Lincoln, died from milk sickness, a disease obtained from drinking the milk of cows which had grazed on poisonous white snakeroot.† (1) His sister, also died, But she died from childbirth. As you can see, Abraham went threw allot of deaths as a young boy. He had to deal with the mental pain of all of these feelings that come along with death. Roosevelt never had to go threw any deaths in tell he was much older. When they started to grow up, they started to explore the world. Abraham started to travel. But Franklin was a student at Harvard University. Then he went to Law school, but he never graduated. In Springfield, Lincoln met Mary Todd. Three years later they were married and over the next 11 years had 4 children. Lincoln became a successful attorney, and the family bought a home on Jackson. In 1846 Lincoln ran for the United States House of Representatives and won. When he was in Washington he became known for his dedication to the Mexican War and to slavery. He returned home after his term and resumed his law practice more seriously than before. Franklin married a distant cousin, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, on Mar. 17, 1905. They had six children, but the sixth one died at birth. The Roosevelt’s were active in New York social circles and Franklin handled small-claims cases. He also won a seat as a Democrat in the New York state senate. Lincoln was against the spread of slavery into the territories but was not an abolitionist. He also ran for Senate, but someone else won. But after that, he gained national recognition. They both were trying really hard to get into politics, and they seemed to be doing fine. The Roosevelt name and his new image helped him win the Vice-Presidential nomination in 1920. The Democrats had little hope for him winning. The number one similarity of these two presidents was that they were both presidents of the United States. Lincoln won on the 3rd ballot of the  Presidential nomination in 1860. Lincoln was elected the 16th President on November 6, 1860. In 1930, Roosevelt began to campaign for the presidency. He started to run because the economic depression damaged Hoover, and it was a better chance for him to win. In 1932, Roosevelt won the nomination as the Democratic Party candidate for president. In November 1932, Roosevelt beat Hoover by seven million votes. They both wanted the best for the country and they tried their hardest to make the country the best it can be. There are so many differences between the two Presidents and what they had to do when they were in office. Lincoln really didn’t have much to do compared to Roosevelt. Roosevelt ran four terms and he had to make decisions for World War Two. In taking office in 1933, Roosevelt had promised the United States to a â€Å"good neighbor† policy. He had carried out this pledge in Latin America. He tried to follow the policy of goodwill with all of the world. As war became more likely to happen in the 1930’s, both the president and the American public wished to remain neutral. But at the same time, Roosevelt did not want to see the aggressors get mad. War finally broke out in Europe when Germany invaded Poland in 1939. Roosevelt wanted to help the democratic nations without bringing the United States into the war. But after a while, it was harder to keep the US out of the war. After the fall of France in 1940, Roosevelt rushed allot of weapons to Britain to help the British in the war against Germany. As you can tell, Roosevelt was a really busy man. Abraham on the other hand, Had a totally different kind of presidency. He played a big role in freeing slaves and he also gave really good speeches One of his favorite poems was: â€Å"Oh, why should the spirit of mortal be proud? Like a swift-fleeting meteor, a fast-flying cloud, A flash of the lightning, a break of the wave, He passes from life to his rest in the grave. The leaves of the oak and the willow shall fade, Be scattered around, and together be laid; And the young and the old, the low and the high, Shall molder to dust, and together shall lie. The infant a mother attended and loved; The mother that infant’s affection who proved; The husband, that mother and infant who blessed; Each, all, are away to their dwelling of rest. The maid on whose cheek, on whose brow, in whose eye, Shone beauty and pleasure – her triumphs are by; And the memory of those who loved her and praised, Are alike from the minds of the living erased. The hand of the king that the sceptre hath borne, The brow of the priest that the mitre hath worn, The eye of the sage, and the heart of the brave, Are hidden and lost in the depths of the grave. The peasant, whose lot was to sow and to reap, The herdsman, who climbed with his goats up the steep, The beggar, who wandered in search of his bread, Have faded away like the grass that we tread. The saint, who enjoyed the communion of Heaven, The sinner, who dared to remain unforgiven, The wise and the foolish, the guilty and just, Have quietly mingled their bones in the dust. So the multitude goes – like the flower or the weed That withers away to let others succeed; So the multitude comes – even those we behold, To repeat every tale that has often been told. For we are the same that our fathers have been; We see the same sights that our fathers have seen; We drink the same stream, we feel the same sun, And run the same course that our fathers have run. The thoughts we are thinking, our fathers would think; From the death we are shrinking, our fathers would shrink; To the life we are clinging, they also would cling – But it speeds from us all like a bird on the wing. They loved – but the story we cannot unfold; They scorned – but the heart of the haughty is cold; They grieved – but no wail from their slumber will come; They joyed – but the tongue of their gladness is dumb. They died – aye, they died – we things that are now, That walk on the turf that lies over their brow, And make in their dwellings a transient abode,  Meet the things that they met on their pilgrimage road. Yea, hope and despondency, pleasure and pain, Are mingled together in sunshine and rain; And the smile and the tear, the song and the dirge, Still follow each other, like surge upon surge. â€Å"ËÅ"Tis the wink of an eye – â€Å"ËÅ"tis the draught of a breath – From the blossom of health to the paleness of death, From the gilded saloon to the bier and the shroud Oh, why should the spirit of mortal be proud?† (2) The deaths of theis two presidents are very different. Let me tell you how they both happened. On Good Friday, April 14, 1865, the Lincoln’s went to a play called Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theater During the performance Booth arrived at the theater, entered the State Box from the back, and shot the Lincoln in the back of his head at about 10:15 P.M. Lincoln was carried across the street to the Petersen House where he passed away the next day at 7:22 A.M. This was the first Presidential assassination in American history, and the nation mourned its leader. Lincoln’s body was taken to Springfield by train, and he was buried in the Lincoln Tomb in Oak Ridge Cemetery on May 4, 1865. Roosevelt’s health, which had been getting worse and worse ever since early 1944, did not improve. After returning from the Yalta Conference, he went to Warm Springs, Georgia, to rest. He was laying in bed on April 12, 1945 and he died he of a cerebral hemorrhage. As you can tell, The deaths of these two great men were very different and hard for the American people to handle, But they changed out history of our country in a big way. In conclusion, You can see how these two president were so alike yet so different at the same time. I believe that we can learn so much from these two people and benefit off of it in a great deal. If more of our presidents would be more like these brave, kind, intelligent men; our world be in a lot better condition than it is today. If these two men were not in out history, I think that our whole life would be so different. And that’s in more ways that one. I hope you have learned a couple of things from this report. Because I know I sure have.

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Describing Gearing and Its Importance in Capital Structure of a Company

A company with low gearing is one that is mainly being funded or financed by share capital (equity) and reserves, whilst the one with a high gearing is mainly funded by loan capital. Now the question to address is which of the two (equity and debt) is cheaper to the company? The answer is that cost of debt is cheaper than cost of equity. This is because debt is less risky than equity and the tax advantage of debt over equity as discussed below: Risk: debt is less risky than equity because: the required return needed to compensate the debt investors is less than the required return needed to compensate the equity investors; †¢the payment of interest is often a fixed amount and compulsory in nature and it is paid in priority to the payment of dividends; †¢in the event of a liquidation, debt holders would receive their capital repayment before shareholders as they are higher in the creditor hierarchy (the order in which creditors get repaid), as shareholders are paid out last. Corporate tax advantage: in the income statement, interest (on debt) is subtracted before the tax is calculated; thus, companies get tax relief on interest.However, dividends (on equity) are subtracted after the tax is calculated; therefore, companies do not get any tax relief on dividends. From the above discussion, we can observe that debt is cheaper than equity when financing a company. However, there are implications of pursing high gearing rather than low gearing. Watzon and Head (2007) described the following as implications of high gearing: Increased volatility of equity returns: the higher a company’s level of gearing, the more sensitive its profitability and earnings are to changes in interest rates.The company’s profit and distributable earnings will be at risk from increases in the interest rate. This risk will be borne by shareholders as the company may have to reduce dividend payments in order to meet its interest payment as they fall due. This kind of ri sk is referred to as financial risk. The more debt the company has in its capital structure, the higher will be its financial risk. Increased possibility of bankruptcy: at very high levels of gearing, shareholders will start to face bankruptcy risk.This is defined as the risk of a company failing to meet its interest payments commitment and hence putting the company into liquidation. This is because interest payment may become unsustainable if profits decrease or interest payments on variable rate debt increase. Reduced credibility on the stock exchange: at a very high level of gearing, investors will be reluctant to buy the company’s shares or to offer further debt. The encouragement of short-termist behaviour: in order to prevent bankruptcy, managers may focus on the short-term need to meet interest payment rather than long term objective of wealth maximisation.Effects of capital gearing upon WACC, company value and shareholder wealth The capital structure of a company refe rs to the mixture of equity and debt finance used by the company to finance its assets. Some companies could be all-equity-financed and have no debt at all, whilst others could have low levels of equity and high levels of debt. The decision on what mixture of equity and debt capital to have is called the financing decision. The financing decision has a direct effect on the weighted average cost of capital (WACC).The weighted-average cost of capital (WACC) represents the overall cost of capital for a company, incorporating the costs of equity, debt and preference share capital, weighted according to the proportion of each source of finance within the business (Cornelius, 2002). The weightings are in proportion to the market values of equity and debt; therefore, as the proportions of equity and debt vary so will the WACC. Therefore the first major point to understand is that, as a company changes its capital structure (i. . varies the mixture of equity and debt finance), it will autom atically result in a change in its WACC. It is important to note that the financing decision (i. e. altering the capital structure) affects the overall objective of maximizing shareholder wealth. This is based on the ground that wealth is the present value of future cash flows discounted at the investor’s required return. The market value of a company is equal to the present value of its future cash flows discounted by its WACC.It is fundamental to note that the lower the WACC, the higher the market value of the company, and vice versa. Therefore, a change in the capital structure to lower the WACC can then increase the market value of the company and thus increase shareholder wealth. As a result, the search for optimal capital structure becomes the search for the lowest WACC, because when the WACC is minimized, the value of the company and shareholder wealth is maximized. Hence, it is the responsibility of finance managers to find the optimal capital structure that will resu lt in the lowest WACC.

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In the earth, the earth thou shalt be laid and answer the following questions

(a) What different arguments are presented through the poems two voices? (b) How do the poems language and structure contribute to its meaning? (c) Write about another of Brontà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½'s poems that has a death or a farewell as its subject matter, making some comparisons with the poem above. (a) In this poem â€Å"In the earth, the earth thou shalt be laid †¦Ã¢â‚¬  two adverse voices dispute the nature of death. The first warns of the grim finality and isolation of death. The second voice welcomes death as the bringer of peace after a life of troubles, and opposes the argument of oblivion with the prospect of posthumous kind remembrance. The first voice returns in the last two stanzas insisting that death brings complete annihilation and observes that the first speaker will be mourned by only one faithful individual. In the very first stanza, the first voice presents the second with the image of his grave: the laying of his body, the tombstone and the enfolding soil. The first voice talks of death as very final. It talks about the revoltingness of decomposition; warning of death's defiling bed: â€Å"Black mould beneath thee spread And black mould to cover thee†. The second voice welcomes the prospect of death. In stanza two, the second voice interrupts, creating a more sanguine tone. The voice seems to resign of death in â€Å"Well, there is rest there†, and the welcoming of death is expressed in the second line. The images this voice uses are by no means morbid. The second voice makes the argument that life is not restful and death is a time of great tranquillity and peace. It suggests death is a time when you and the environment come together as one. The twining of â€Å"sunny hair† with â€Å"grass-roots† suggests the intricate weaving of one life-from with another. The burial of fair hair takes down an implication of sunlight into the underlying darkness. The first voice returns in stanza three. This voice objects that â€Å"the rest† which the second voice looks forward to is only the chill rest of nothingness: â€Å"But cold, cold is that resting place Shut out from Joy and Liberty† There is no happiness of freedom in the oblivion and enclosure of the tomb. The first voice talks of the cold of the grave and that it is a place without any happiness or pleasure. It then counters the more positive attitude towards death of the second voice by expressing the fear and revulsion felt by the living towards the decaying of dead bodies and, therefore, the dead themselves: â€Å"And all who loved thy living face Shall shrink from its gloom and thee† The second's voice gives an emphatic rejection to the first's ideas. It suggests that, far from cold being the characteristic of death, it characterises the falsehood of the world and human relationships: â€Å"Not so, here the world is chill And sworn friends fall from me† This voice is very bitter about rejection. However, the rhythm the tone then lightens: â€Å"But there, they'll own me still And prize my memory† In death, he will be remembered and his worth recognised. He believes that his old friends from life will think of him fondly even if they were indifferent to him when alive. The first voice concludes the poems in the last two stanzas. In stanza five he seems almost contemptuous: â€Å"Farewell, then, all that love All that deep sympathy:† It is almost as if the first voice is dismissing the second as dead already. The nothingness of death is affirmed in a declaration of the indifference of heaven to human fate that is matched only by the indifference of the living: â€Å"Sleep on, heaven laughs above – Earth never misses thee -† In the final stanza the voice returns to the image of the grave with which the poem began, observing that the tomb irrevocably severs human relations. The last two lines are ambiguous, but seem to imply that there is, however, one person who mourns, one who was always faithful: â€Å"One heat broke, only† In conclusion, the two voices propose two completely different arguments into the nature of death. The first voice thinks of the physicality of being dead, and sees it as a time of cold and revulsion. The second voice thinks more of the state of being dead, perceiving death as a release from the troubles of life and enjoys the thought of people looking back fondly on his memory. (b) This poem, â€Å"In the earth, the earth† structure and language contribute a lot to the meaning of the poem. The six quatrains of this elegy are based on an iambic trimester and tetrameter, but with at least one substitution in most of the lines. In particular, the frequent substitution of a spondee in the first foot of each line helps to create the stately solemn tone that suits the subject. In the first stanza, the first voice presents the second with the image of his grace: the laying of the body, the tombstone and the enfolding soil. Key words in this image are emphasised by means of repetition, alliteration and word order. Thus the repetition of â€Å"the earth† in the first half of line 1 contributes to the setting of the melancholy, fatalistic tone. Alliteration in line 2 in â€Å"stone standing† builds on this. The repetition of â€Å"black mould† in lines 3 and 4 has a similar effect, but here the mould not only refers to the soil, but to the decay of the human body itself within the earth. â€Å"Black† likewise refers not only to the colour of the soul, but traditionally, in such a context, signifies death and mourning. But the whole elegiac effect is largely achieved by the word order that creates the heavily spondaic rhythm. In stanza 2, the second voice shows resignation in the â€Å"Well, there is rest there†, and the welcoming of death expressed in the second line. Moreover, in contrast with the image of death in the first stanza of â€Å"black earth† the image in lines 3 and 4 is by no means morbid; the â€Å"sunny hair† recalls life which is nurtured by sun, and the grass-roots refer to the means of life in the soil. Thus the whole curious effect is the image of weaving them together of two forms of life. The rhythm is highly irregular, for example with the substitution of two dactyls. Again this is an important factor in achieving the different tone of the second voice. The only spondee in this stanza falls appropriately on â€Å"grass roots†. The first voice returns in stanza three. The repetition of â€Å"But cold, cold† echoes the opening of stanza 1 (â€Å"In the earth, the earth†), and recaptures the contrasting tone. The voice objects that â€Å"the rest† which the second voice looks forward to is only the chill rest of nothingness: â€Å"But cold, cold is that resting place Shut out from Joy and Liberty† There is no happiness or freedom in the oblivion and enclosure of the tomb. It then counters the more positive attitude towards death of the second voice by expressing the fear and revulsion left by the living towards the evidence of decay (the grave, â€Å"that resting place†) and by extension towards the dead themselves: â€Å"And all who loved thy living face Shall shrink from its gloom and thee† Alliteration in â€Å"all†, â€Å"loved†, â€Å"living† and â€Å"Shall shrink† lend fluency to these lines, whose rhythm is more regular than the second stanza, thus giving this voice a more matter-of-fact tone and saving it from melodrama. In stanza four, the second voice's emphatic rejection of the first is signalled by the opening negative â€Å"Not so†, and by the italicised antithesis of â€Å"here† and â€Å"there† around which the stanza is built. The voice suggests that far from cold being the characteristic of death, it characterises the falsehood of the world and human relationships: â€Å"Nor so, here the world is chill And sworn friends fall from me† Assonance and alliteration (â€Å"friends fall from†) bind these lines and assist the emphasis. The rhythm also greatly contributes to this. The second foot of line 1 is a trochee, giving the italicised â€Å"here† appropriate stress. In line 2 three consecutive stressed syllables (â€Å"sworn friends fall†) reinforce the bitterness of the reflection. But in the contrasting lines 3 and 4 the rhythm lightens into regular iambs: â€Å"But there they'll own me still And prize my memory† The italicised â€Å"there† falls naturally on the stressed syllable of a regular iambic tetrameter. In death, he will be remembered and his worth recognised. The first voice concludes the poem in these final two stanzas. Again the characteristic of the voice is repetition. In stanza 5 the tone appears almost contemptuous: â€Å"Farewell, then, all that love All that deep sympathy:† It is almost as if the first voice dismisses the second as dead already. The nothingness of death is affirmed in a declaration of the indifference of heaven to human fate that is matched only by the indifference of the living: â€Å"Sleep on, heaven laughs above – Earth never misses thee -† In the final stanza the voice returns to the image of the grave with which the poem began, observing that the tomb irrevocably severs human relations. The last two lines are ambiguous, but seem to imply that there is, however, one person who mourns, one who was always faithful. Repetition and italicisation (â€Å"One heart†¦That Heart†) and the spondees falling at the beginning of lines give the ending of the poem a heightened dramatic tone. (c) Another of Brontà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½'s poems that has a death or a farewell as the subject matter is â€Å"Remembrance†. Like â€Å"In the earth, the earth† this poem is an elegy: the speaker in the poem reflects on the loss of the beloved. It consists of eight quatrains, whereas â€Å"In the earth† has only six, but like the above poem it is rhymed abab. This poem is written in the first person. There is only one voice in this poem. The poet appears to be contemplating the cold and isolated grave of her beloved and look back over the fifteen years since his death. The idea of the grave as â€Å"cold† and lonely reflects the ideas of the first voice in â€Å"In the earth†. The poet asks the lovers forgiveness for having forgotten him â€Å"While the world's tide is bearing me along†. But preoccupation with worldly matters has never distorted her love of him; she has loved none other. This sentiment of one person who faithfully mourns after death reflects the poem â€Å"In the earth† in the lines: â€Å"On heart broke only, there That heart was worthy thee! -† The poet then goes on to say how after a period of utter despair she deliberately turned away from grieving for him, learning to continue her existence even while recognising that she had no hope of future happiness. In the last stanza she acknowledges the fragility of her efforts at stoical acceptance. She dare not let her thoughts dwell upon him for fear that life would thereafter be unendurable. Like the first voice of the poem discussed earlier, this poem has a very slow rhythm and an intensely sorrowful tone. Also like the other poem, repetition of key words such as â€Å"far†, â€Å"cold† and â€Å"severed† enforce their points. The imagery of snow and distant, wild landscapes conveys a bleak, chill atmosphere. Brontà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ also uses assonance in both poems, here on the different ‘o' sounds in stanza two, building the atmosphere of sorrowful retrospection: â€Å"Now, when alone, do my thoughts no longer hover Over the mountains on that northern shore †¦Ã¢â‚¬  Another similar effect Brontà ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ uses in both poems in repeating the opening of the poem. In â€Å"In the Earth†, she uses repetition to reflect the opening and also returns to imagery of the cold, isolated grave. In this poem, the first half of stanza three repeats the actual opening of the poem â€Å"Cold in the earth†. Ironically, this echoes the two uses of repetition used in the earlier poem: â€Å"In the earth, the earth† and â€Å"But cold, cold†. Also, this poem talks about two completely different feelings towards the death of her lover, just as the two voices in â€Å"In the earth† compare two completely different views towards death itself.

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The reasons why the FASB and the IASB seeking to converge and improve Essay

The reasons why the FASB and the IASB seeking to converge and improve their respective conceptual frameworks and why the project will take along time to complete - Essay Example Following are some of the reasons for the convergence of accounting standards. †¢ Harmonize the global accounting standards so that the users of financial statements feel harmony with rest of their other counterparts anywhere across the globe. †¢ Making the financial statements of the entities comparable all over the world in respect of the accounting policies used by the entities †¢ Eliminating the impact of biasness and partiality from the financial statements such that integrative and objective financial statements can be prepared †¢ Providing opportunities especially to multinational companies to prepare their financial statements on the basis of single common accounting standards so that the manipulations and misrepresentations can be avoided while formulating the consolidated financial statements of the whole group of companies In bringing more convergence in setting the accounting standards, yet there is a long period of time required for this purpose. Some of the reasons for such possible extended time to be taken are as follows: Legal and regulatory stoppages and restrictions which do not allow the accounting standard boards to bring so early changes in the accounting standards merely on the basis of producing more convergent accounting standards. Laws of the jurisdictions ask some real and substance based reasons to bring such changes in the accounting standards. ... Therefore practically once the accounting standards are reformulated, their adoption takes two to three years by the entities in their implementation. In a nutshell, the main hurdle for setting up the new accounting standards for the purpose of convergence, is posed by the regulatory bodies and persuading them for such changes require substantial amount of time and efforts followed by the time taken by the entities to adopt the new accounting standards after their formulation therefore making it more longer for the accounting standards to be convergent globally. Discuss the problems involved in refining, updating, completing and converging the existing FASB and IASB conceptual frameworks into a common framework, illustrating your discussion with reference to specific issues. Discuss that are controversial and difficult to resolve The major problems that arise in refining, updating, completing and converging the present accounting standards issued by FASB and IASB have significant imp lications. Most of the problems are of technical nature however some administrative issues that hinder the convergence process cannot be altogether ignored. In the following discussion some of those problems are highlighted. Retrospective changes in the financial statements In developing new standards which are more convergent in the form of a common framework, both FASB and IASB have to change their existing frameworks altogether. Due to those changes, the financial statements previously prepared under each of the accounting standards would have to be changed by the entities on retrospective bases under newly developed common framework which may display some material diversions as compared to the previously furnished financial statements. In this way the financial

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Sonny's Blues (the story) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sonny's Blues (the story) - Essay Example In creating the characters of Sonny’s Blue, Baldwin has used the typical old idea of the ‘good and bad’ and made the two brothers the antagonist of each other. The elder brother, who narrates the story, is a very mature and sensible person, works as a teacher and is highly protective and concerned about his younger sibling. In contrast, the younger lad, Sonny, is said to be quite immature and does have neither the courage nor the will to withstand the pressures of the society. He deliberately indulges himself in drugs and music, considering them an escape route. Despite all the efforts the elder brother makes to help him adjust rightfully in the society, Sonny still gives in to the social pressures and becomes both a drug addict and a singer. He chooses Jazz music for his songs especially because he thinks that such a type of music allows him great liberty to express out the aggression and frustration that continues to build up inside him day by day. Brotherly love, affection and concern are what make the elder brother oppose the lifestyle the younger one has adopted. His opposition and Sonny’s stubbornness ultimately results in confrontation and conflict between the two of them and finally to an end of the friendship the two shared amongst themselves. The tension is great to such extent between the two that the younger tells the elder one to consider him dead from that moment on after they end up fighting really bad one night. Sadly, the elder brother behaves as immaturely as Sonny and turns his back on him too. It is only a whole year later that the elder one hears about Sonny, that too from a newspaper which says that he has been arrested by the police officials on charges of drug addiction. He then feels guilty and blames himself for the mess his brother has got into, thinking he should not have given up on him no matter what the circumstances were. Also,

Reflection paper on a documentary Night And Fog(1955) directed by Essay

Reflection paper on a documentary Night And Fog(1955) directed by Alain Resnais - Essay Example The film combines both images and narrated stories to unveil a great deal of evidence of atrocities that were committed in Europe in the 1940s as part of discrimination against particular groups of individuals. Genocide is therefore a central theme in the film and the infamous holocaust and anti-Semitism, as well as other inhumane treatments in the detention camps, have been used as examples to illustrate the effects of this crime. Genocide can be defined as the systematic and deliberate destruction of a group of individuals on the basis of their ethnic origin, religion, tribe, race, caste or nationality. The UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of t5he Crime of Genocide (CPPCG) in 1948 described genocide a deliberate crime that involves killing, causing mental and physical harm as well as inflicting on the conditions of life of a group or part of it based on nationality, ethnicity or race. Genocide is a crime punishable in international law. In this essay, I will reflect o n the concept of genocide and the film, Night and Fog, as well as other issues expressed in the film. The film details a very contemplative, moving and emotional account of the situation in the Nazi concentration camps. I concur with film critic Francois Truffaut that the short documentary film is one of the greatest movies ever made. After watching, Night and Fog, I firmly support the need for international regulation of genocide. The international community needs to come together and establish stringent laws and regulations that can prevent events such as the holocaust from reoccurring. Individuals and governments or any other groups supporting, financing or orchestrating the mass killing of individuals as a way of discriminating against their group for one reason or the other ought to be brought to book and forced to face justice. The emotions expressed in the short film Night and Fog, are too much for one to bear, let alone to witness such events unfolding in real life. I hail t he director of the documentary, Alain Resnais, for detailing such events in a classical film that even future generations will look at and regret actions committed by other human beings. I felt the general mood of the film was bleak, disturbing and thought provoking. I also think the approach taken by the documentary in explaining the series of events is very realistic, solemn and serious. This helps the film to delve in to details of the incident, enough to give viewers a reality check on how bad human nature can get if not controlled. In my opinion, the documentary is a masterpiece and classical. The film is very much relevant today as it was when it first came out. I would recommend the documentary to any individual fascinated by history and past events as well as international crimes and anyone who is interested in finding out the truth about the Nazi Rule in Germany. The film documents history lesson of utmost significance using a masterful and stylistic approach to deal with t he horrible subject of genocide and the holocaust. However, before one sits down to watch the film, I would advise them to be fully prepared to go through the difficult, albeit an invaluable experience. The film, despite being only 31 minutes long, tells a long story of past injustices and crimes that had been committed in Europe in the mid 1940s. The documentary is set in Poland and follows back on victims of the infamous

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Wal-Mart A Progressive Success Story Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Wal-Mart A Progressive Success Story - Essay Example The assignment therefore greatly enhanced my prior knowledge of diverse economic terms and models, thus ensuring there is more deeply entrenched in my mind. The assignment has, therefore, made me better comprehend the classroom learning to a more practical level. the research made me come to term with the real meaning of strategic management in regards to marketing strategies as well as being able to adequately read financial data to ascertain a company’s performance indexes both in the short term (quarterly or annually) and long-term (five years). The study was, therefore, a veritable learning curve for me. The study has mostly enhanced my problem-solving skills including sharpening my analytical skills as previously formidable financial terms like strategic management, turnkey ventures, franchising, comparative industrial analysis and performance indicators as well as other diverse financial terms like earnings ratios started to make sense. The module has also enhanced my communication and team building as I realized that the success of the firm is augmented by acquiring strategic advantages embodied by skilled human resources and efficient supply chain management. Bolles (1996) describes transferable skills as, ‘skills developed in one situation which can be transferred to another situation’. This module has just as the case study firm, transferred ‘core competencies to foreign markets’, likewise imparted these same competencies in my mind.

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Health promotion theroy Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Health promotion theroy - Coursework Example This theory is normally based on the fact that the readiness of an individual to act depends on his or her own perceptions. These perceptions include severity of the consequences, the potential benefits, and cost of taking that particular action as well as the susceptibility. The main advantage of this theory is that subsequent interventions can be planned and made on the basis of the response of an individual towards these concepts. This theory was purposely developed to respond to the issue of the failure of the free TB health screening plan. This model can be used to look into a number of both short-term and long-term health behaviors which include the transmission of HIV/AIDS and other sexual risk behaviors (Glanz & Lewis, 2002). This theory argues that a person will normally take a health-related act such as using a condom if he feels that HIV can be avoided, expects a positive result by using protection and if he believes that he can effectively take an optional health action. This theory is very useful when planning for the community health program. You will be in a position to predict the proper plan of action to take after taking these studies in the community. However, it is worth noting that the theory does not look into other aspects of the individual such as the environment in which they live (John,

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What is representation and why does it matter Discuss with reference Essay

What is representation and why does it matter Discuss with reference to at least two specific examples - Essay Example It is because of the representation that every living being is able to interact in its own way in its respective species. Representation allows us not only to learn, comprehend and convey factual meanings of things in the realistic world, but also create and share new concepts, ideas, images and concepts. That is why, novel and art are recognized as the fundamental platforms of representation (Anon, n.d.). â€Å"The art of children is not a vehicle for the greatest expression of the human mind, but within its limits it offers a rare perfection of feeling and expression† (Freeman, 2011). Representation matters because things derive their meanings through this. For example, women’s seats in a country’s National Assembly represent the fact that the country equally respects the views of all people. Not all countries allow the women to voice their opinions on public forums. Representation requires a system to deliver its meaning. Like in the above example, representation of women was determined in the political system of a country. Language plays the most important role in enabling and facilitating representation. Words and phrases like â€Å"like†, â€Å"as†, â€Å"similar to†, â€Å"just as†, â€Å"exactly†, â€Å"alike†, â€Å"compared to†, â€Å"for example† are all vital for the language’s role as an enabler of representation. We use the word â€Å"like† to refer to one thing to convey the meaning of another. Likewise, in everyday language, we frequently give examples to convey the true sense of a thing as we want the other person to understand. Examples are used to help an individual understand a new concept from the one he/she is already familiar with. People tend to idealize others that act, serve or behave in a particular way that they themselves want to, but are not equipped with the required abilities. Parents serve as an example for their children. Children are not sure what is right or wrong. So they follow the

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Principles of Business Phase Essay Example for Free

Principles of Business Phase Essay In the aspect of business management, there are several elements and characteristics that organizational leader take into consideration when analyzing the condition of the economy of a certain society or nation. These elements are mainly the certain advantages and disadvantages of each society compare to others in terms of production, resource consumption, and economic benefit. Ideally, business leaders analyze each society based on the economic advantage they posses thus, establishing its fundamental business characteristic for market selection. In the application of this concept, consider the following scenario and the characteristic of the economic advantage each respective has for market analysis and selection. a) A nation has companies with the capacity to make stereo equipment at a much lower price than other national producers because of lower cost labor. The stereo equipment is of the same quality as other international producers. The characteristic of this society is mainly absolute advantage as their production nature possesses more benefits than the other in terms of resource consumption. Ideally, each business leaders desire to have better and effective production with lesser expenses to gain greater profit. Because this society can produce the same quality standard for their product similar to others while having cheaper production cost, their have absolute advantage than the others in terms of production and market selection. Indeed, business organization will desire to utilize the absolute advantage that this nation has for greater profit. b) A country mines for a high-demand precious gem only found within that country’s borders and distributes the gems to jewelry dealers all over the world. The principle for the economic characteristic in this scenario can be considered as absolute advantage mainly because the highly demanded resources can also be produced by their society making it their concrete advantage over the others. Likewise, this characteristic can also be considered as a comparative advantage scenario as the society can also be viewed as not the most efficient producer only that they are the only possible producers. Considering their condition, they might not be the most efficient producers for other products however, they can find certain advantage through specializing and focusing on the highly demanded product, which can only be found in their resource area. c) An overseas country passes laws to protect certain business practices that other countries may find unsuitable and perhaps unethical. The protection of these business practices are not seen as abusive or exploitive within the overseas country and are also consistent with national social standards. The business principle applied in this scenario can be considered as national competitive advantage as the law passed by this nation becomes their significant advantage over the others namely their concern for protecting certain business practices. Other societies might consider this protection perhaps unethical yet this specific nation implemented them while maintaining their adherence to the national standard. As such, business organizations who see much benefit from this protection will take consider applying their production operation in this nation. Thus, the law they passed protection business operation will become their significant advantage though not absolute above others. Bibliography Johansson, Borie Karlsson, Charlie Stough, Roger (2002). Regional Policies and Comparative Advantage. Edward Elgar Publication, USA. ISBN-10: 1840648341. Porter, Michael E. (1998). The Competitive Advantage of Nations. Free Press Publication, USA. ISBN-10: 0684841479.

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Risk Management for Dementia Patient

Risk Management for Dementia Patient Company name:   SMART CARE  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Client Name: Mrs   Susan Smith  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Date of risk assessment:   22/2/17 What are the  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   hazards? Who might be harmed and how? What are you already doing? Do you need to do anything else to control this risk? Action by whom? Action by when? Review date Spillages Leaving objects in the walk ways The Dementia clients have mobility problems and may be injured if they trip over objects or slip on spillages. General good housekeeping is carried out. All areas well lit, including stairs. No trailing leads or cables. Staff keeps work areas clear, eg no boxes left in walkways, deliveries stored immediately. Better housekeeping in staff kitchen Needed, e.g. on spills. Arrange for loose carpet tile on second floor to be repaired /replaced. All staff, supervisor to monitor Manager 22/2/17 24/7/17 Impaired mobility Clients with mobility problems need assistance to go to and from treatments, if they don`t get assistance they will be stuck and would not benefit from treatment. Workers that assist clients risk back injuries if they don`t have aids helping them to carry out appropriate lifting and moving the clients. Clients with Dementia and mobility problems can face difficulties in getting in and out from the bed without help and this can make them feel isolated and powerless. Provide step free access like ramps and lifts. Beds that have remote control assistance which helps clients and workers to ensure safe transfers. Have two staff to lift someone from the bed to avoid back strains. Walking sticks and wheelchairs are provided. All beds have bed rails. Maintenance is carried out every three months to ensure rails are properly fitted. Magnetic (automatic) doors for easy access. Clean and smooth flooring. Keep hallways clear without obstructions. Hoists for safe and effective handling and movements of clients Grab rails in bathrooms and corridors Non slip carpets and tiles Report any malfunction in the beds straight away and remove that bed from use. Managers All   staff Cleaners Visitors Contractors Maintenance 31/03/2017 30/06/2017 Memory loss and confusion Clients with Dementia and Parkinson should be kept in safe and familiar environment because if they are in a crowed environment it causes them anxiety, distress and vulnerability. They may wander off and forget how to get back and may be subject to physical and emotional abuse. They may not be able to manage their finance and are subject to financial abuse They may not remember their relatives what means imposters may take advantage of that. Key workers are provided for a sense of familiarity. Maintain the same routine and avoid unnecessary changes. Doors have safety locks. Reception and corridors have CCTV cameras which is accessible to the receptionist. Offering outside activities with the key person. Offer assisting aid device in case of emergencies. Use facial and fingerprint recognition system for close relatives. Offer the assistance of a lawyer to help with advice in regards to finance. Keep pictures of the family members to avoid strangers take advantage of them. All staff Managers Participating organizations 15/03/2017 15/06/2017 Medication All clients in the care home that are on medication, nurses and doctors. If the wrong medication is prescribed than the client can die. The professionals can lose their rights to practice or be sanctioned. Clients with dementia may forget to take their medication or overdose themselves. All clients have medical files checked at admission. All medication is given only according to doctors recommendation. Control medication is signed by two nurses to avoid mistakes. Have a doctor available in the care home. Keep medication in a restricted area. Use of automated medication dispensers will help avoid overdose. Managers Nurses Cares 01/08/2017 01/02/2018 Nutrition All clients in the care home need to be provided with proper food and drinks. If they do not get the proper nutrition they can become sick or even die of starvation and dehydration. Provide a variety of food that are health and nutritious three times a day + two snacks. Water is available all the time. Allow certain clients chose their meal times and arrange for someone to be available to cater for them. Managers All staff 01/03/2017 01/06/2017 Personal Hygiene All clients, staff and visitors are affected if personal hygiene is not maintained because diseases can spread and a lot of people can get sick. Clients with dementia may neglect their personal hygiene because of the confusion and memory loss. Provide cleaning facilities like shower rooms, cleaning products like soap, shampoo and sterilizer gel. Provide PPE equipment for staff like gloves. Change bed linen every day. Provide better quality cleaning products. Ensure more checks on clients are done trough out the day. Managers All staff Clients 31/03/2017 01/07/2017 Violence/Aggression Clients, family and staff could face serious injures if they come in contact with a very aggressive client. Keep clients that have aggressive behavior separated from the rest of the clients and we offer them treatment and a key person that looks after them. Report and record changes on a daily basis to avoid separation on long term. Increase level of support, by employing more staff that can help the aggressive clients. Increasing the activities to stimulate changes in their behavior. All staff Managers Professionals 01/07/2017 01/02/2018 Laundry services The service user and care staff. If the service user`s beds and clothes are not being changed often enough because of incontinence clients can develop rashes and different kinds of illnesses. Staff can be contaminated with diseases if they do not manipulate the soiled laundry in a proper manner. Staff is provided with the correct PPE when providing care for the service user. Bedding is changed as soon as they are soiled and washed as soon as possible at a high temperature to avoid contamination. Water proof sheets are placed under the client to prevent linen getting soiled. Purchase of industrial washing machines would ensure the bedding is washed faster and the cleanliness would be better. All Staff Clients Managers 31/12/17 01/06/18

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The Real Time Fashion Photography Studio Marketing Essay

The Real Time Fashion Photography Studio Marketing Essay Real time Fashion Photography studio is a small business aimed at bringing a smile to every models face when they see their beauty captured in a stunning portrait. The business will offer a wide variety of products, such as: formal studio portraits, location portrait sessions, holiday candid photographs, portrait finishes, and framing. Portrait sittings are available in either the well-equipped studio, the comfort of the clients home, or in an outdoor setting. Real time Fashion Photography will be located in Indira Nagar, Bangalore. The business will be established as Sole Proprietorship. With two years experience in a variety of dealing with Fashion portfolio, British library, Bone China, I have acquired a range of transferable skills and attributes. These include sales experience through my previous retail management experience as well as photographic and design management skills gained through professional studies at Ayr College as well as Image College of art, animation and technology. My target audience will be upcoming models those who were studying fashion, love fashion to be a part of their carrier, and also one who have glamour and beauty and wanted to show their talent and skills. In Bangalore city there are numerous no of institutes around 16 institutes for fashion and total no of student in each year comes around 2000 students each year. Not only institutes, a individual also be my target audience who wants to shows his talent through his portfolio. Real-time Fashion Photography studio will reach their audience by targeting clients of these existing markets. We will fill an existing need for the client by specialising in fashion photography. Through advertisements in the print media, brochures, and establishing working relationships with fashion organizations and we will highlight our quality products and services to them. Each Clients of real-time fashion studio will receive a customizable profile page to introduce their skills and a photo album. Real-time Fashion Photography will be in a unique position of competition. We compete against the standard portrait studio that may photograph people, but only as an adjunct to fashion photographing. Real-time Fashion Photography will be in competitive edge as its commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We offer an array of services, flexible scheduling, and have the latest technology, with state of art infrastructure to produce beautiful fashion stylist photographic portraits. At Real-time Fashion Photography studio, models will our primary business; we understand model and how to get the right elements together for a successful portrait session. Our number-one goal will be quality results. Photography businesses usually require a significant initial investment in equipment and facilities. However the owner of Real-time Fashion Photography has been freelancer fashion photographer for two years and experienced professional-level photographic equipment to get the business off to a good start. In addition, the will be a cash support from family-based business. I really say thanks for giving a backbone support towards my fashion studio to my family members. 2. Introduction Establishing a Real-time Fashion studio business has been a goal for the past two years. For the past year i had worked with an experienced model in order to develop the reputation and professionalism required to establish this business. My mission statement is Treating our each model like beauty and Glamour The keys to success at Real-Time Fashion Photography studio include: Customer Satisfaction: providing a service that consistently meets or exceeds customers expectations. Environment: providing an environment conducive to bringing the best out of the model. Convenience: offering clients a wide range of services in a location or environment convenient to them. Reputation: reputation of the model and business as providing superior personal service. Professionalism: includes everything from meeting deadlines to hiring the best staff. Individual Attention: Each clients experience will be tailored to his or her preference. Repeat business/Recommendations: giving the kind of service that brings people back and encourages them to recommend us to friends and colleagues. Competitive Pricing: providing a fair and competitive price for the quality and array of services offered that provides the business with a fair and reasonable profit. 3. Goals and Objectives Real-Time Fashion Photography studio will be a small business aimed at bringing a smile to every model face when they see their beautiful face captured in a stunning portrait. We have set goals for the business and these are as follows. 0-6 Month Goals Added image manipulation to services provided. Setting up basic machines Secured a business mentor. Contracted tax/accounting consultant. Attending Biz financial training. Applied to Work and Income for start-up funding. Identified a preferred income protection insurance plan (to afford a replacement photographer and/or loss of income protection). 6-12 Month Goals To achieve profit of minimum Rs 8 lakh. Completed work for 350 numbers of clients. Created 100 pieces of stock photography and submitted to stock libraries. Maintained relationships with modeling agencies, Movie-Makers, Advertising agencies, fashion photographers. 1-2 Year Goals To achieve profit of 15 lakh. Completed work for 450 clients. Have to done at least 3 photo exhibitions in 5star hotels. Targeted 2 other places to open in India which include Pune, and Chennai. 3-5 Year Goals To achieve profit of 25 lakh. Completed work for 1200 clients. To be recognised as Indias top 10 fashion photography studios. Franchised the fashion photography business nationwide. Franchised the fashion photography business into India. 4. Business Details Business Ownership and Legal Structure Real-Time Fashion Photography will design to be a Sole Proprietorship business and will initially operate as a sole trader business. At this time it is the most appropriate structure as the business is managed and run by me. At this initial stage the business will face no long term liabilities or debts such as a lease or hire purchase costs; its all supported by my family. I anticipate registering the business as a Limited company in the second year, subject to professional advice. Such advantages would include: Limited liability on the business operations. The perception of professionalism by clients. Taking advantage of lower company tax rates as profits increase above 1000000 rs per annum. Providing a structure that would allow other photographers to participate in my company ownership in the future. Ability to franchise the concept. Company Locations and Facilities Real-time Fashion Photography will be located Indira Nagar, Bangalore. It will be Sole Proprietorship business, with an area of the 1400 square feet dedicated to client reception, office, and a small studio. Clients can elect to have the portrait sitting done in the studio, on location , or in an outdoor setting. The benefits of having the business located at Indira nagar include: Overheads for the business, in the form of the rental of space, power supply and landline telephone, can be minimized as compare to other part of Bangalore such as M.G road, Bgrade Road. The location on the main road of Indira nagar means that clients can easily access the premises by either public or private transportation. Its also in central part of Bangalore. So that most of youngster who want to have portfolio can easily access me. Our office will be equipped with a fax machine, email and a computer. The company will maintain a high degree of professionalism by using only the highest-quality photographic equipment and graphics to produce its portfolio. Products and Services Real-time Fashion Photography Studio offers a variety of products and services to meet our clients needs. We offer specific information on each of our products to the prospective client. This information will design to help the client select a setting for the portfolio session. The pictures we provide will give the client a feel for the variety of poses that can be used, and helps them decide if they wish to incorporate other fashion models in their portfolio. The discussion of the different settings helps the client select a studio session, home session, or outdoor location for the portfolio. We also provide instructions for each setting. Fashion Photography Studio The studio will be controlled environment, free from distraction, where the model can be comfortably posed and lighted to enhance the beauty of the final image. A variety of props and backgrounds will be used to stage a setting that will highlight the models features and coat color. These sessions must not be rushed, so the model can become comfortable in the studio environment and be certain that the studio lights do not frighten or excite the model. There is a standard charge for the portfolio session which we refer to as the sitting fee. The model will provided immediate digital images to be certain we have captured a pleasing likeness. These digital images are not the final proofs, but they do provide photographer and client with the assurance the session is accomplishing the desired outcome. A total of 24 proof-quality photographs will be provided for the client within two days of the photo session. The client will then have 1 days to consider the images before making a final selection. Location for Portfolio Session The model may be more comfortable in the home or a familiar outdoor location. The staff of Real-Time Fashion Photography will travel to the location prior to the portfolio session to select an area that will be the best suited for the session and will most acceptable to the model. Prior to the session, Real-Time Fashion Photography staff will stage the lighting and any other props needed for the photo session. If the location selected for the photo session will be in a public park, the model, not Real-Time Fashion Photography, will legally responsible for the behaviour of the publics. The fee for a photo session in the home or outdoor will be more than the studio because the equipment must be transported, staged, and then broken down. The client will be provided 24 photographic-quality images within two working days of the photo session. The client will then have one working day to consider the images before making a final selection. Additional Services Real-Time Fashion Photography will aware that a model portfolio will be investment as well as a cherished display of beauty and glamour. We offer a variety of portfolio finishes from which to choose. These finishes will be shown to the client upon pick up of the proofs, and the client will be given a brochure which illustrates these finishes to compliment a variety of model images. These finishes are used on the beautiful portfolios that will display in our studio gallery. Real-Time Fashion Photography also offers custom and readymade framing for all portfolios. We have a beautiful selection of tabletop frames to enhance the clients selection, and a variety of framing materials displayed in the studio for custom frame construction. At Real-Time Fashion Photography we will committed to customer service and satisfaction. Start-up Summary The founder of Real-time Fashion Photography Studio had graduated from Image College of Art, Animation and Technology. As I am the owner have a capital available of Rs 40-45 lakh from family to meet these start-up costs, funding is being sought from Work and Incomes Enterprise Allowance Scheme. Once these assets and start-up costs are done the business will be able to begin operations. A range of suppliers were approached for the majority of these start-up costs in order to ensure both quality and a competitive price. Quotes, from the chosen suppliers, for all the start-up costs purchased through the Enterprise Allowance Grant are included in the appendices at the back of the business plan. . Business Management Management Summary The management of Real-time Fashion Photography studio will be very simple in the first few years with the founder also managing the business. In addition to performing the artistic functions of the business, the market expert as well as owner will both initially must be involved in all aspects of the business, such as marketing, payroll, management of both accounts receivable and accounts payable, and other miscellaneous business details. Additional personnel can be added as the business accounts grow, in order to alleviate these responsibilities from the photographer, and this is expected to happen after having all things and equipments that will be 1 month after starting off. Real-Time Fashion Photographys growth will be deliberate rather than fast paced. It is a reasonable assumption that the demands of the office, and also assisting the photographer, might become too much for one individual. Depending on the strengths of the individual that fills the first full-time position, a second staff member may be hired within the first two week, and both will be trained in the others duties. Skills and Experience With two years experience in a variety of creative and commercial employment, Owner(me)had acquired a range of transferable skills and attributes. These include sales experience through his previous Freelance work as well as photographic and design management skills gained through his professional study. I had creative career path started during graduating with a professional degree and since I had also completed one year foundation course in graphic design from Ayr college Scotland. I had spent the past year as a Freelance photographic work for well known Indian companies like British Library, Bone-China and for model work I did completed portfolios for numerous models such as one of my client Rupa Khurana had performed in T.V serials in Rahul lai jayegaa Dulaneyaa in NDTV. I had built a strong network with other established photographers and belong to the Indian Institute of Professional Photographers who openly provide professional and legal advice and benefits. In areas such as financial planning, accounting and legal advice I will building relationships with such advisors to develop these areas of the business (see Advisors, Networks and Support). Staff Requirements Initially few permanent staff will be employed, with a photographic assistant contracted in on a project by project basis as required. After one months a receptionist/photographer assistant position will be advertised and appointed. The duties and job description for this person would include: General reception duties, including phones, mail, and greeting customers, setting appointments and managing appointment calendar, billing, handling both accounts receivable and accounts payable. 2 Assist photographers in portfolio sessions. 2 Marketing executives 2 Tele Callers with online promotions 1 Makeup Artiste 3 Helper 1 Stylist Artist 3 Post-Production Worker Salary Chart Position Salary (Monthly) Salary (Yearly) 1 Receptionist 12000 144000 2 Assistant Photographer 15000/each 360000 2 Marketing Executives 15000/each 360000 1 Make-Artist 15000 180000 3 Helper 12000/each 432000 1 Stylist Artist 15000 180000 3 Post-Production Worker 15000/each 540000 Grand Total 183000/Monthly 2196000/yearly It is understood that anyone employed by the business must have a written employment agreement, whether it be an individual agreement or a collective agreement. It is recognized that the Department of Labor website has an employment agreement builder to provide guidance to employers and employees on content for the creation of individual employment agreements. The builder provides examples of clauses drawn from a range of existing employment agreements, indicates which clauses are legally required in all agreements, and assembles the clauses into one draft agreement for saving and printing out. Advisors, Networks and Support It is recognised that the owner has not previously run a business and that he will need the support of a range of experienced business people, particularly in developing the financial management and processes required for the business. The following advisors will be utilised to assist the business owner operate the business in the most efficient manner. Bankers: Oriental bank of commerce, Indira nagar Bangalore Providing assistance in minimising bank fees and identifying banking products that can help manage and maximise cash flow. Accountant: Rahul Singh Lal bag Bangalore (Assisting in establishing financial processes for the business and will complete end of year accounts.) Lawyer: Sanjay Nandani City center Bangalore (Reviewing client copyright agreements and will be utilised when a limited liability company is established.) Business Advisor: Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt. Bangalore (Providing business advice through the first six months of the business operations.) Professional Association: National Institute of Photography New Delhi (Represents over 1500+ commercial fashion photographers in India. Provides resources, information, marketing and networking opportunities for members.) 6. Business Environment Market Size While no figures exist for overall fashion models in Bangalore, it will known that 15% of Bangalore populations are in fashion industries, thats why it made Bangalore the Fashion capital of East after Paris. In the Bangalore region there are 16 private and 4 national institutes for fashion. Approximately 2000 student each year needed portfolio and 15% of overall population also will be there in fashion. So within this target market, there is wide range of getting lots of customers. And also Bangalore is house of publishing many of international fashion magazines so it will be great for my business if we got tie-up from these magazines company. Today there are a lots of opening in glamour world of still for all age groups. Its not just for youngster but also for kids, mature, old every one. As growth of new trends new products regarding jeweler, cloths, food item, shopping malls, hotels, everywhere fashion photography involved. Market Trends Fashion has always been an important part of the Bangaloreans lifestyle. However, as the Bangalore culture has changed in the last two decades, an even more prominent role for the fashion has emerged. As Bangalore has enjoyed increased standards of living, they expect to pass this on to their fashion. Competition Real-time fashion Photography will be in a unique position of competition. While the portrait photography business is composed of dozens of small, individually-owned studios, fashion photography is a new, but very successful, experiencing rapid growth. We compete against the standard portrait studio that may photograph people, but only as an adjunct to photographing model. The benefits and drawbacks of each of our competitors as compared with the services we offer are hardly a match in quality and price. We are experts in working with model to make them comfortable and to bring out the inner quality and personality of the fashion model. Although we are a new organisation, we are not novices to photography or photographing models. Our scheduling and location flexibility are specifically geared to be client friendly. The fee schedules for Real-Time Fashion Photography are competitively priced. No other area photographer offers the flexibility and array of services provided to the client at Real-Time Fashion Photography. Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction is unequaled. Our major competitors are: Divas fashion studio Strengths: Exclusive Fashion Photographer. Have been in the market longer. Have established client base and reputation. Weaknesses: Array of services is limited. Inflexible with schedules Limited studio capability. Quality of final portrait. Prasad Photography Studios Strengths: Established studio locations and support staff. Established client base, often with repeat clients. Reputation as reliable and stable business. Weaknesses: Often very expensive. Little or no experience in fashion photography. Fashions are a sideline and not the major focus of the business. Can be inflexible with scheduling and out-of-studio work. Local Amateur Photographers Operate from home. Strengths: Pricing. Weaknesses: Quality of final product. Lack of professional photographic equipment and skills. Competitive Edge Real-Time Fashion Photographys competitive edge is its commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We offer an array of services, flexible scheduling, and have the latest technology to produce beautiful photographic portfolio. At Real-Time Fashion Photography, Fashion photography is our primary business, not a sideline or hobby. We understand model and how to get the right elements together for a successful portfolio session. We are patient, and our number one goal is quality results. 7. SWOT Analysis Strengths Formally skilled in photography. Have an established professional network (other photographers and related creative professionals). Acquired photographic best practice skills and knowledge (through working as a photographic assistant). Relationship building appreciates the value of building and sustaining professional relationships. Have strong skills in graphic design and image manipulation. Weaknesses Limited business and industry management experience. Small existing client base. Less start-up capital available. Opportunities Can add image manipulation as an additional service. Target major fashion shows and fashion organizations in other parts of Bangalore. Can create stock photography and submit to stock libraries. Hold first national fashion photo exhibition Franchise the Fashion photography business nationwide. Threats Established Fashion photographers in the Bangalore region. Sudden negative change in the economy, since this is a luxury item. Increased competition in the regional market. Forward Plans Opportunities Completion Date Add image manipulation to services provided. 1 months Create stock photography and submit to stock libraries. 1-2 months Hold first national Fashion photo exhibition. 1-2 years Target major Fashion shows and Fashion organizations in other parts of Bangalore. 1-2 years Franchise the fashion photography business nationwide. 3-5 years Contingency/Task Plans Weaknesses Contingency/Task Date Completed Limited financial management skills and experience. Contract tax/accounting consultant. Undertake free financial training through the Biz Programme. Completed 3-6 months Limited business and industry management experience. Utilise resources provided through membership of Indian Institute of Professional Photographers. Identify and approach a business mentor. Completed Completed Small existing client base. Develop relationships with fashion institutes. 1-3 months No start-up capital available. Apply to Work and Income for start-up funding. Within 1 month Loss of income due to illness and not being able to work. Identify a preferred income protection insurance plan (to afford a replacement photographer and/or loss of income protection). Within 1 month Threats Contingency/Task Date Completed Established Fashion photographers in the Bangalore region. Continuously observe competitors (what they do and who they do it for) and pitch the business with a point of difference. Ongoing Sudden negative change in the economy, since this is a luxury item. Maintain relationships with fashion specialty show organizers. Maintain relationships with wedding and event organizers to supplement any downturn by undertaking other types of photography work. Ongoing Ongoing Increased competition in the regional market. Maintain relationships with fashion specialty show organizers to limit access to market for competitors. Ongoing 8. Legal Implications/Regulations The primary legal considerations are business legal structure, copyright (e.g. licensing), privacy (e.g. property and model approvals) and regulatory (e.g. tax). Contractual Process and Documentation Before each job starts it is important to clearly document the expectations (Services required) with each client. This will effectively be the contractual arrangement with the client for each project. To ensure all legal obligations are covered the following documentation has been sourced through other professionals and associations. Project brief. Estimate/Invoice template. Licenses and Order Confirmation Form. Terms and Conditions of Engagement. Talent and Property Release Form. Project Brief Briefs provide a job description for each project; they are created before any work starts outlining the details of the images required by the client. Copyright License Agreement Copyright is a form of protection for original works that photographers enjoy. It is afforded automatically to any work, immediately on its creation in fixed form, and the copyright on the work normally becomes the property of the creator. Copyright is part and parcel of the creation process. Real-Time Fashion photography retains the copyright of all images photographed (in order to control who can reproduce them) as outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Engagement. In addition this information will be printed on the back of each photograph. To determine client reproduction rights for each project a License and Order Confirmation Form will be prepared for the client to read and sign before the commencement of any work. This License outlines the agreed media, time period and territories where the client can use these images where the client needs to use the photographs for publication. This is expected to be the case for fashion show organizers. Estimate (Cost) Written estimates are developed in accordance to the brief and licensing requirements: à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢How many photographs model need basic 16 photographs come under a basic portfolio and 25 photographs come under premium portfolio. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢Basic portfolio charged will be Rs 30000 and premium portfolio will be charged Rs 45000 include make-up artist and fashion stylist. Terms and Conditions The Terms and Conditions of Engagement are the standard provided for use by the Indian Institute of Professional Photographers. Release Forms Under the Privacy Act 1993 approval needs to be sought to photograph personal property and people. The Indian Institute has professionally prepared Model Release and Property Release forms available for photographers to use. Financial Regulations and Insurance I Will going to be GST (Goods and service taxes) registered and a tax agent has been consulted to assist Real-Time Fashion Photography set up processes in relation to GST and tax. Spreadsheets have been set up to manage sales and expenses on a monthly basis, and the business owner will complete the two monthly GST returns. The tax agent will complete annual business accounts. A current business account has been set up through National Bank. This account has linked accounts for tax and GST. The owners current insurance is through State, who offers a full line of insurance coverage, and photographic and IT equipment will be insured for its full value by adding a rider to the existing owners policy. Compliance Issues I had received an affirmative answer from Bangalore City Council that the business can operate from a residential neighborhood, since noise, traffic, and pollution are not factors to be considered in this type of business. Compliance to the following Acts needs to be adhered to at all times: Privacy Act 1993 Fair Trading Act 1986 Consumers Guarantees Act 1993 Unsolicited Goods Act 1975 Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 Health and Safety in Employment Act 2002 Real-Time Fashion Photography recognizes it has a responsibility for the health and safety of us, our colleagues and our customers. We have a policy of identifying hazards in the work environment and, wherever possible, of taking practical action to ensure that these hazards do not cause accidents and injury so as to protect employees and other form of any harm that could result from work activities. This policy recognizes that the handling of model presents health and safety issues for staff and customers. In order to manage the risk Real-Time Fashion Photography will implement a three step health and safety policy action plan. These three steps are The development of an effective system for managing hazards in the place of work. Ensuring that employees have all the practical information they need to carry out their work safely. The recording, reporting and investigating of all accidents or incidents in the place of work. We aim to implement this action to the best of their ability within the resources available. Progress in implementing the three step plan will be regularly reviewed. 9. Marketing Strategy Marketing Summary Real-Time Fashion Photography will use marketing databases to accurately target our market. Working closely with local fashion show organizations, Fashion institutes, we will place well-designed advertising material in these locations to illustrate our capabilities. Our fashion studio will maintain

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Essay Of Eukaryotic Organelles :: Biology, Health, Human Body

The mitochondria has an eggshape structure. The mitochondria consists of an inner and outer membrane. The outer membrane is what shapes the organelle to its egglike shape. The inner membrane which folds inward makes a set of "shelves" or cristae that allow the reactions of the mitochondria to take place. The more the mitochondria makes these reactions the more the inner membrane folds. This happens because the mitochondria now has more surface area connecting it to its surroundings. The processes that the mitochondria make are to break down the high energy organic molecules into smaller more useful packages. The endoplasmic reticulum is a network of tubes and channels that transport and with the help of ribosomes produce proteins. The rough endoplasmic reticulum contains ribosomes which are not present in the smooth endoplasmic reticulum. The rough endoplasmic reticulum allows the cell to produce proteins. The smooth endoplasmic reticulum is used in the detoxification processes in the cell and the transitional endoplasmic reticulum is used to breakdown glycogen to glucose. The endoplasmic reticulum is versatile and grows and shrinks according to the cell's activities. Chloroplasts which are found in plant cells are used in the process of photosynthesis. They fall into the category of plastids but they are differentiated in that they contain chlorophyll. These organelles produce chemical reactions from the energy that the sun gives them. The Golgi complex's structure is made up of many flattened membranes sacs that are surrounded by tubules or vesicles. These are called the cisternae. The golgi complex accepts vesicles from the endoplasmic reticulum and modifies them for usage in the cell.

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In Opposition of Eugenics and Human Embryo Research Essay -- Argumenta

In Opposition of Eugenics and Human Embryo Research There are a variety of views of eugenics and all that it entails. The definition of eugenics is "the science of improving the physical and mental qualities of human beings through control of the factors influencing heredity," ( Funk and Wagnall's, 1984). Others think eugenics is the social control of human genetic evolution, an ideology of racism and genocide, thought to improve society and halt disease while others think only of the Nazi Regime (Saetz, 1985 and McGee, 1997). Eugenics has a long and tumultous past but with the mapping of the human genome and research on human embryos, where will eugenics lead the wolrd in the near future? There are two main practices of eugenics: positive eugenics, increasing the procreation of those with "desireable" traits, including high IQ, physical attractiveness, resistance to disease, etc., and negative eugenics, halting the procreation of those with "undesirable" traits through sterilization, abortion, infanticide, birth control and couseling (Saetz, 1985 and Davis, 1981). Und...

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Desciptive New York

New York is one of the United States most known cites. It is also known for it's sights and attractions. New York has always been my second home since my first home (New Orleans) was struck by a natural disaster. Before I moved back to New Orleans I gained friendships and built on them. Ever since 2008 I've been vacationing in New York for at least one month in each summer. It's something about that 2009 vacation I will never forget. It was overall fun and I had a blast. My 2009 vacation to New York was my best vacation because of the relationships I built on, the parties, and the fashion. When I landed in New York in the summer of 2009 the atmoshpere just felt different. I seen so many people in the airport that I will probably never see again in my lifetime. I traveled to Brooklyn via train to check in to the place I would be staying the three weeks in New York. Where I was staying was my friend's apartment that I stayed in the previous year I was there. He asked me to come stay with him for three weeks before he left for school. He wanted me record for his YouTube channel he called â€Å"HBTV† (Half-Breeds Televison). I made an apperance in multiple episodes and directed some episodes. I relived my NYC hooping moments as well. My friend took me to some off our old hangout spots like the YMCA Gym. In there we use to play ball until the sun came up. We were so happy when we saw old faces that still worked at the gym. In there we went to adult night and had a loads of fun. I ended some nights with a nice home cooked meal from my friend's mother. We were already best friends, but our bond grew tighter over the three weeks. We were so close, we started finishing each other sentences. i told him if he was ever in New Orleans he would always have a place to stay . New York is also known as the city that never sleeps meaning the lights are always on throught out the city and the party never stops. The parties I went too were outstanding; I don't think no party in my lifetime will over top those. The difference between New York parties and New Orleans parties is you don't have to watch your back after the party is over. What I mean by that is in New Orleans there is always violence during or after the party. i got expose to so many different cultures and I was expose to different music. I danced with so many different people, I also learned how to salsa dance. I met new people and I came out with a few numbers. I came to every party dry and ended up drinched in sweat by the end of the night. Every morning after parties we always discussed what happen that night, how much fun we had, and who did the funniest thing through out the party. Fashion is a big part of New York City for years. Manhattan is a â€Å"fashion burough† in my own words because of a lot of big clothing companys have offices through out the burough. There are also a lot of clothing stores in New York City. When I travel to NYC I always visit Soho. Soho is a spot in Manhattan with some nice clothing spots. Before every party I had to get a new outfit from Soho. Seeing how the culture was in New York it changed my life. I saw everything from Nikes to Reeboks. I loved the fashion so much I adapted into my everyday living. New York is one of the most known cities and is one of the best in my opinon. New York has the best everything from fashion to food. This trip to New York changed my life comepletly and gave me inspration. It's the reason I decided to go to college to live my dream and one day live in New York again. Just breathing New York's air felt good. Visiting New York City was my best vaction because of the parties, fashion, and the relationships I built on. If I could do it all over again I would.

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Alliance One International Tobacco

The report is aimed at demystifying the world's second largest leaf tobacco merchant and agro-processing company which has since diversified it portfolio to also integrate other areas of economic development in non-tobacco products such as agricultural financing and also agronomy training. The company is well known of its robust structure and can be said to enjoy managerial economies of scale all looking at various operational aspects such as Operations.NATIONAL ALLIANCE at  com/ch-16-apush/">, Finance, Marketing but most importantly the human resources aspect of the company is of paramount importance. However like any other business the company is also facing uphill challenges predominantly in its Human resources area especially issues to do with performance management faced by alliance one international. The second issue is about training and development. This is followed by the issue of occupational health and safety and integration of al l operations and people involved in them including using tried and tested HER systems such as change management.The objective of this report is basically to apply the HER systems such as change management skills to manage the organizations through a case study of. The report consists of overview of including the organizational structure, mission and vision . Alliance one International was founded in 2005 as a result of a merger between two USA based multinational tobacco merchants STANTON or Standard Commercial Tobacco Company and IDIOM Incorporated both world leaders in the leaf processing and merchant industry.As a result of this merger the end result was that of the creation of the world's second largest leaf merchant business after Universal Leaf Corporation. The report will look t the change management theory and its implementation in addition to demystifying the 3 HER concerns in the company The company traces its history and to the late 1800 with the formation of Dibbers- bro thers which was a small time family company in the USA which prospered due to demand of the leaf tobacco domestically and also through foreign trade.Another firm to Join the grab'. Y train in 1907 was Monk Austin which soon made its name in the leaf the STANTON which was more diversified as it had a wool division among other commodities with tobacco being its cash cow unit as it would contribute meaningfully o the overall company results. In 1995 the two companies Dibbers-brothers and Monk Austin agreed to merge resulting in the creation of IDIOM incorporated which again took over INTAKE tobacco worldwide operations which was the world's fourth largest merchant in 1997.

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Bogart and Landau Purpose

The guiding principles I have examine that Bogart and Landau purpose about the body as a tool was practical to say the least. It encourages readers to focus and flex their creative imagination using the body. It is rigorous training to help beginner or novice students in depth on questioning, exploring, and reorganizing parts of theatre. Bogart and Landau gives a set of task for readers to focus on which helps open the student mind the freedom and imagination to create. Bogart and Landau insinuates pushing the body for non-dancers and student actor's experiences to learn different positions. It is a way for the student to be a creator, actor, reflector, and participant. Communication and dramatic text explained in the viewpoints system are physical such as using shape. Being aware that your body is already making a shape as a silhouette but being able to use that in amidst of creating lines with your body. It is possible for a student to be able to use their knees and feet to create shape. A student does not have to use the main body parts such as legs and arms.Connection through dramatic text can be use through architecture. For example, in a class course we were instructed to use props in the dance room to connect with. As well as our bodies. Breathing and following our tempos using our breath has been a major form of dramatic connection. Bogart and Landau's example of medium, fast and slow tempos connected to me during the exercise in the most recent class. It felt like after our instructor told us to switch tempos from fast to slow or slow to fast it was up to us to connect after that. When switching my tempo's, it became slightly confusing to keep up with myself without being constantly told to change tempos. It is a battle between your mind and your body. Your body is listening to your mind, which is being responsive to the instructor telling you what to do all while trying to keep up your own pace. Connecting is required by focusing on a task at hand. When your mind and body are being responsive to different things, it is up to the student to connect your mind, body, to the tempo. Adapting to this process of performance had been a challenge. Understanding how to have your mind and body in sync. Using your tempo helps because you can pick an action and changing your tempo will change your action. â€Å"Be aware of how the action of changing tempos alters the meaning of physical action†.37. This quote adapts to me in a sense of how my tempos in my action could affect my mood. Switching of tempos can help with awareness. â€Å"It will expand range and develop the individual's ability to shift in and out of extreme tempos instantly and unexpectedly†.37. This quote analyzes how switching of tempo is perceived. Mainly because for example if you are punching, a punching bag slowly it will not feel like you are not putting any impact into the bag which will cause your mood to become drained or fall short. For a faster tempo my mood can be either extremely happy, anxious, or angry. â€Å"When working with fast tempos, balance on the inside by maintaining a sense of calm, quiet, slow.39.† This quote puts a better perspective on tempo for me. You'll understand your ultimate control at that point. If you center yourself and find balance this could be achieved. Challenges experienced have all been learning experiences. The architecture. Being aware of positioning your feet and other props around you in the room. † Texture.53.† In this passage it helps me analyze how when wearing my Nike runners on the floor in the black box theatre, they can be certain floor movements I have to do with my shoes off because I cannot achieve the movement without sliding, letting the slick floor and my socks help my movement. An activity with a small area and a lot of running in different directions could be difficult in a sense. For example, an activity that required us to run all over the area in different directions in different tempos. â€Å"Become acutely aware of exactly where you are and let this architecture inform your movement.52.† Knowing this passage during that exercise could have been put into logic during that time. â€Å"Including Others.53.† Explains on joining in on using objects with others around you. In a lesson where you are told to find a spot around the room and, to use the same prop can be a challenge because of placing. Trying to place yourself in a position that fits with the object and also trying to maintain in sync with the others around the prop. It is something that takes thought before executing because if not this can cause other confusion as well. In conclusion Bogart and Landau have both put in helpful examples of how to understand, analyze, and reflect on exercises being done.

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Importance on Computer in Education Essay

This chapter provides the information that is relevant to the study. It includes foreign and local literature taken from the internet, some studies that were analyzed by the researchers. This chapter also includes some information taken from books, online newspaper and online articles. A. Foreign Literature History The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 allocated money to bring new technology into schools, including computers. In 1975, Apple Computer first donated computers to schools, and by 1981 educational â€Å"drill and practice† programs were developed. By 1996, many schools were rewired for Internet access. Importance of Computer in Primary Schools The use of computer education in both public and private schools provides students with the technology skills required for college. Students in elementary schools begin learning the basics of computer use in kindergarten Computer in primary schools can expose students to additional resource, such as online encyclopedia, dictionaries, government-sponsored educational sites, learning games and online tutoring. In the future, computers will play an even bigger part in the everyday school agenda. Experts predict that the time is coming soon when the teacher will be mainly a facilitator of learning while children sit at computers and complete the majority of their class work, homework and special projects. Uses of Computer in Primary Education Computers are becoming common place in school as aids to learning. Children can work individually or in pairs at a computer. Some schools place computers in the classroom, others locate the computers in computer labs. They are used in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies instruction. Some programs teach keyboarding. When children use computers to learn mathematics, the computer serves as a tutor, a tool and a tutee. Computers in the classrooms can be used as direct educational tools for online learning or can reinforce previously taught skills. For students struggling with specific skills, there are many games that can be played online to serve as learning interventions. The teacher still guides the process, but it is more student-driven than before. Research * Students in primary school can use computers as sources for reports. Because of online encyclopedias and magazines, children have access to media that may otherwise be unavailable to them. * Elementary school students learn how to use a computer for research, as well as what websites should be trusted for accurate information. Lists of educational sites are often printed out for student use at home, and aid further exploration of interesting subject matter. Educational Games * Children can use computers for learning that is fun. Thousands of websites offer interactive games in all subject areas. These are excellent for reviewing and reinforcing skills the teacher has introduced to primary students. Academic Intervention * Teachers can help students struggling with specific skills by downloading activities and tailoring them to each student’s learning style and level. Computers cannot replace a teacher or tutor, but they can augment their ability to meet the needs of the students. Assessment * Teachers can use computers to provide testing materials for their class. They can access the textbook publishers’ online resources or connect with a community of teachers around the country who share ideas and materials. Class Records * Teachers can maintain student grades, parent contact information and other relevant information through word-processing programs or membership to online record-keeping software at little or no cost. Benefits of Computer in Primary Schools Computers are used in almost every classroom in the country. Some teachers only use email and grade book features, but computers can offer many benefits to teachers and students in primary grades (kindergarten through grade 6). Computers in the classroom are not just there for fun or something for kids to do when their work is finished. Now the computer can supplement the curriculum. The computer becomes a part of the class work. It’s not a substitute for the teacher but a strong assistant. Many children are able to understand concepts when they are presented on a website that relates to their life in some way. Computer-assisted instruction offers teachers and students another avenue to learn the required academic material. Educational computer programs are available online, at computer stores or through textbook companies. Stick with programs that are user-friendly and hold your students’ attention. Make sure the programs are at the correct grade level. Decide if you want the computer program to supplement your lesson, practice basic skills, or assist in teaching a new concept and make sure it does just that. For Students: * Computer-assisted instruction provides differentiated lessons for varied levels of learning, including students with disabilities and gifted students. Students are able to work at their own pace while receiving instant feedback which enables them to self correct before moving on to the next skill. If a student answers incorrectly, the computer programs will provide instructions to assist the student in correcting their work. The programs are interactive and students can work individually or in groups. This allows them to compete with their individual scores or the scores of the students within their group. Students also gain valuable computer skills which will continue to benefit them throughout life. * Students can use digital painting programs to manipulate photos or create icons for classroom charts. Word processing programs can generate crossword puzzles or word searches, and primary school students can create graphs using mathematical data. Using the Internet, primary school students can access photographs of great art, listen to important recordings, research topics for reports and communicate via email * Elementary school students learn how to use a computer for research, as well as what websites should be trusted for accurate information. Lists of educational sites are often printed out for student use at home, and aid further exploration of interesting subject matter. For Teachers: * Teachers are better able to track their students’ strengths and weaknesses through computer-assisted learning. Computer programs can enhance the lessons and allow teachers to pick different levels of a program or different programs altogether for students who may be behind or students who are advanced. When students are learning and actively involved with learning, teachers will have less behavior problems in the classroom which in turn sets up a cycle for more learning to take place. Computer-assisted learning benefits teachers by allowing them to work with small groups of children on a particular skill while the other students in the class are working on their computer program. The nature of the program allows the students to work independently; minimizing distraction to the teacher while she works with the other students. * Primary school teachers can expand lesson plans by incorporating digital resources using computers. Disadvantages Students can become bored and restless if computer programs are overused. Computer programs can evaluate students’ progress on many levels although it is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure students develop critical thinking skills which are essential to solve problems encountered throughout life. Too much time spent learning through computer programs can also reduce time students spend interacting with each other and their teacher. This can result in less time for learning appropriate social skills. Computer-assisted learning can be a great asset to the classroom and curriculum as long as they are not overused. Too much of any mode of teaching can lead to boredom and frustration in the students. Use good judgment and find computer programs that enhance the learning process. B. Local Literature Technology’s Impact on Education Computers and the Internet technology have revolutionized the field of education. The importance of technology in schools cannot be ignored. In fact, with the onset of computers in education, it has become easier for the teachers to render knowledge and for the students to grasp it. Computer technology is used to add a fun-element to education. And it goes without saying that the Internet has endowed education with interactivity. The process of learning in the classroom has significantly become richer as students have access to new and different types of information, can manipulate it on the computer through graphic displays or controlled experiments in ways never before possible, and can communicate their results and conclusions in a variety of media to their teacher, students in the next classroom, or students around the world. The success of technology in the classroom generate impressive results for students, including improved achievement; higher test scores; improved student attitude, enthusiasm, and engagement; richer classroom content; and improved student retention and job placement rates. This is brought about by software that can be used to render information to the students in an interactive manner. The visual effects provided by the animation and presentation software result in inviting greater interest from the students. Tablet Used for Educating Young. MANILA, Philippines — La Salle Green Hills and electronics and digital media leader Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO), take learning to a higher level as they tied up for the school’s eTextbook/Personal Learning Device (PEARL) project, a pioneering program designed to make use of the â€Å"digital word† as the new vernacular in the classroom. Now in its pilot phase, the project utilizes the latest tablet PC technology from Samsung as â€Å"a Personal Learning Device distinctly driven by digitized curriculum materials. †