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Should Chemical Castration be performed on Sex Offenders?     Okay suppose your five-year-old daughter was brutally attacked and raped by a known sex offender, would you rather the offender to be sentenced to a few years in pri male child, only to determine out and destroy another innocent victims life or have them chemicly castrated? Chemical castration is the process of injecting manful sex offenders female hormones to eliminate their sex drive. Honestly until someone is in the position how can they say that it should or should not be performed on these offenders.      developing up there was a family up the road that we all considered a footling strange and regular scared to go around. When we became adults the oldest son and his wife was arrested and charged with over ten counts of molestation of a juvenile and aggravated rape of a juvenile. The children next door to them and their own children were the victims. It is suspected that the father of this family and the other son was also involved but this was never proven. The couple only served a few years in prison the wife was released first and the husband a couple years later. Although, there has not been any other charges filed against the couple to knowledge there has been many times that their house has been passed and seen several children on their porch. It forever sends chills down my spine even though I do not know anything for sure, I suspect the abuse continues. My personal opinion is that castration is complete(a) for offenders of this nature.      According to, sex offenders are among the highest reoccurring offenders in the United States. These types of criminals pose a threat to society and mostly to the people that live in the same propinquity that they move into after being released from prison. When these offenders are given female hormones the rates of reoccurrence decreases to five percent. This is becaus e of the reduction of testosterone levels, therefore decreases the sexual desires of these offenders. According to Andrew Humpherson, offenders who molest children are close to impossible to rehabilitate. He also says that if these offenders where chemically castrated it would reduce the urge to molest children. The offenders who have been released on parole, as a discount on his maximum jail sentence, should be requir..., the offender has to pay for his own injections. I am sure that there are those that can argue all of my points and can even come up with different statistics to support their own points.     France has started testing a different type of chemical castration, in which, they refer as a chemical straight jacket. This is performed by administering injections of the prostate cancer drug leuproreline performs this process and the breast cancer tablet cyproterone dampens the sex drive and inhibits erections. According to Madelaine Perret, vic e-president of the Paris section of the prisoner help organization, she has spoken with one prisoner and he told her Madame, you cant imagine the strength of the impulse that some of us men feel to get close to little boys and commit acts that are completely forbidden. "He said he was glad to have been arrested and happy to be in prison. Because there were no newborn boys, there was no temptation and so it was in prison that he felt free. It was also stated in this article that he was down for a long sentence but was afraid of being released and offending again, he also stated that he wanted treatment. (BBC News)

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Inclusion Essay -- essays research papers

Inclusion in ClassInclusion mainstreams physically, mentally, and multiply disabled children into regular classrooms. concealment in the sixties and the seventies, disabled children were excluded all together from regular classrooms. Currently, the federal inclusion law, I.D.E.A. (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), addresses children whose handicaps range from autistic and very severe to mild (I.D.E.A. uprightness Page). From state to state the laws of inclusion vary. The laws may permit the special needs children to be in regular classrooms all day and for all subjects or for hardly one or two subjects (Vann 31). Other times the state laws allow those with special needs to have aids with them to help them in the regular classrooms (Sornson). there are many more variations. The creators of inclusion had the right idea in mind, but it is misused by many administrators and teachers because they arent focused enough on what the children really need. I believe that inclus ion is not beneficial to normal children or special need students because of the difficult learning surroundings it creates.My oppositions leads a unassailable argument every child should be able to experience a regular classroom in order to mature and socialize with other children in normal situations (Stussman 18). This is true children need to be around other children in order to learn how to interact. In stating that, inclusion is one way to let children meld and socially grow into adults who can communicate with the rest of the world. In March of 1997, The Educational Digest composed an article on Barak Stussman. She has mild cerebral palsy. She divided up with the readers her story of how inclusion worked in her life. Barak retold how she felt deep sadness when she realized she was not regular. This made her hate going to school (Stussman 19). Two serious statements were made by Barak If children do not perceive barriers, they will amaze you with what they are capable of d oing, and I believe public school systems should be a microcosm of the real world (Stussman 20). My oppositions feels inclusion is beneficial to children because they believe in the concept, what you really need to make it in this world is good people skills and common signified not academic achievement.However, the truth is... ...motional and distraught. It could also cause them to dislike school more and more as time goes on (Stussman 19). This bad learning environment is harmful the children who dislike the classroom. This negativity can spread and influence other children to dislike school as well therefore they may not filter or function to their potential. The focus of school should be to educate children in a manner and environment which supports and values them as people (Vann 33). The best course of instruction is the one which provides a combination of approaches that best suits each individual child (Vann 33).Inclusion is detrimental to both regular and special needs students because of the complicated and toilsome learning environment it creates. Though there are many variations in the inclusion technique, children are still being helped inadequately and they are not accomplishing the academic achievements that they could. Every child deserves to be in an environment where they will succeed academically and emotionally. Our responsibility is to ultimately create a system that places and supports students and their families in ship canal that will promote the greatest amount of success.

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Gods VS Mortals :: essays research papers

There is only one way Destroy them both."     Lucans burning eyes moved slowly from one god to the next, hoping his bitter decree had convinced more of them to take his side. It had seemed like an eternity (which it very well could have been) since all the gods had gathered together like this.This can non be the way, I still believe this would be an over reaction. Ranna said, waving her hand as if to throw away Lucans idea. What the mortals need is our guidance.      You cannot be seriously public lecture about the, elves Lucan scowled How can you be so passionate about the race that yellowed your fields, up rosed and murdered your followers, even attacked you There is nothing in their punk unless the love for wealth and power.     She glared back at him. That is your doings at work, Lucan. It was only when they broke on to the Flats of Power that you stopped enjoying their growing domination of Nithra.  & nbsp  We all agree mortals have gone to a fault far," Srill interrupted, knowing there was a need to interrupt before the argument went on further. "But the answer isnt to dust away all of our work. It is only a few races that have gone this far. Perhaps a select cleansing instead of complete destruction."     Rook agitate his head. "I have to agree with Lucan on this matter. Wiping them out is the only way."     "The answer is obvious," interrupted Cazil. "If my power was allowed to grow, the mortals would be in no position to challenge us. disquietude will keep them in line, it always should have."     Kara roared. "Absurd Its proven that apart any one of us can be overcome by the mortals. It is our snub that has brought this upon us. The solution moldiness be one that we can all agree on."     "can you be too blind?" Lucan growled. " How can you not see that the mortals must be punished?"     "You ignore their honor," Marr countered. "They earned the right to exist.     "Right to exist?" Innok cackled. "Leave them to their selfs and they will destroy themselves in greed and hate. We should not kill them, but step to the side and let them waste them selfs."     "We dont have that kind of time," Ro speaks. "The planes are already weak, some have already been completely erased, our powers have grown too weary to hold them. We must strike back while we still can.

She Walks In Beauty by Lord Byron and Douglas Dunns Reincarnation :: English Literature

Both She Walks In Beauty by Lord Byron and Douglas Dunns Reincarnation are about romance.She Walks In Beauty/ ReincarnationBoth She Walks In Beauty by Lord Byron and Douglas DunnsReincarnation are about romance. Although this is true they havemuch to be contrasted. She Walks In Beauty is about a man who istruly besotted with a woman who, from my observations, he doesnt even agnise. I think this from the fact that he doesnt tittle-tattle about anythingexcept for her looks and he says that he doesnt bash her nameHad half impaird the nameless grace====================================The poet takes pleasures from the womans beauty and, unlikeReincarnation by Dunn, the poem chiefly focuses on the womans sexualattraction. She is often compared to perfectionOf cloudless climes and starry skiesThis also shows just how infatuated he is with her. This is an immensescale to put her on as it compares her not only to a section of acountry but to the enormity and perfection of the galaxy. Thism etaphor also refers to her mysterious nature because -the poem was create verbally almost two hundred years ago, in the early nineteenth century-not much was known about the night skies as it is so furthermost away nobodyhas ever been there. This also shows how little he knows about her. Asense of adulation also occurs throughout Lord Byrons poem and itseems as though he cannot criticise her at all.This is completely contrasted with the bond between himself and thewoman in Dunns Reincarnation. We can say, almost certainly, thatReincarnation is autobiographical, as we know that Dunns wife diedin 1984 from cancer. I think the sudden and premature death of hiswife has been the inspiration for this poem that is so full of nakedemotion and so full of true love, unlike the lust for the woman in thepoem by Lord Byron, that you can almost feel his pain.For now I know the shame of being late,Too late.This shows the sorrow he is feeling. It also hints at remorse, givingus the sense that he f eels slightly guilty about the death, which was manifestly not his fault. It could also be showing us that he feels hehas unfinished business with her or maybe he feels that he didnt have panorama to say goodbye because he was so unprepared for it.The diction chosen by Lord Byron is very sophisticated. The words hechooses to use, such as argent make his poem flow with a smooth andgraceful rhythm. The rhymes in She Walks In Beauty are monosyllabic

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Solar Cookers: They’re not just for Greenpeace :: Essays Papers

Solar Cookers Theyre not just for GreenpeaceSolar cookers be not only resolve of our solar history, but quite possibly, part of our solar future as considerably. Solar cookers are thought to have originated around 1767. A Swiss natural scientist named Horace de Saussure is believed to be the first solar cooking pioneer. Since the solar cookers invention, it has taken on three basic forms the box solar cooker, the panel solar cooker, and the parabolical solar cooker. Like many renewable energy applications, each design has distinct advantages and drawbacks over traditional cookers as well as other solar designs. The box solar cooker is the simplest in design and therefore, the easiest to recreate. Directions on building ones own box solar cooker can be found easy with an internet search. Box solar ovens can also be purchased commercially and range in price from $50.00 to upwards of $200.00. Typical box solar cookers are lightweight, easily set-up, and fairly safe. Th ey do not lend themselves towards the most intense cooking temperatures. However solar cooking proponents are quick to point step to the fore that high temperatures arent necessary for cooking. The lower the temperature, the more time needed to cook. Also, food cannot exceed 212F until all of water has been evaporated, so really, any hotter than that is unnecessary. more proponents also describe boiling times in terms of hours. Panel solar cookers are one step up in complexity from the box cooker. They can typically be assembled in an hour or so. These are widely produced in developing nations. They can be mass produced inexpensively and are easy to use. They reach generally higher temperatures but are less suited to cooking in more temperate environments. Manufactured units are available, though harder to find. The third solar cooker, the parabolic cooker, is the most variable in appearance. Some are very large exceeding 10 feet in diameter and others are so small the y can be taken as a backpacking cook stove. They units available commercially are also variable the comparatively simple SolaReflex by Clear dome is 2 ft by 2 ft and retails for $89.00. Parabolic cookers can also be found for prices in excess of $200.00. Parabolic cookers can also be dangerous. They can create bright spots that can do damage to the eyes as well as hot spots that could burn you or your food.

Solar Cookers: They’re not just for Greenpeace :: Essays Papers

Solar Cookers Theyre non just for GreenpeaceSolar cookers are not only part of our solar history, but quite possibly, part of our solar future as well. Solar cookers are thought to have originated around 1767. A Swiss naturalist named Horace de Saussure is believed to be the first solar cooking pioneer. Since the solar cookers invention, it has taken on three basic forms the shock solar cooker, the gore solar cooker, and the parabolic solar cooker. Like many renewable energy applications, each design has distinct advantages and drawbacks over traditional cookers as well as other solar designs. The box solar cooker is the simplest in design and therefore, the easiest to recreate. Directions on building ones own box solar cooker can be found easily with an internet search. Box solar ovens can in like manner be purchased commercially and range in price from $50.00 to upwards of $200.00. Typical box solar cookers are lightweight, easily set-up, and fairly safe. They do not lend themselves towards the most intense cooking temperatures. However solar cooking proponents are rapidly to point out that high temperatures arent necessary for cooking. The lower the temperature, the more time needed to cook. Also, food cannot exceed 212F until all of water has been evaporated, so really, any hotter than that is unnecessary. Many proponents also describe boiling times in terms of hours. Panel solar cookers are one step up in complexity from the box cooker. They can typically be assembled in an hour or so. These are widely produced in developing nations. They can be mint candy produced inexpensively and are easy to use. They reach generally higher temperatures but are less suited to cooking in more temperate environments. fabricate units are available, though harder to find. The third solar cooker, the parabolic cooker, is the most variable in appearance. Some are very large exceeding 10 feet in diameter and others are so small they can be taken as a backpacking cook stove. They units available commercially are also variable the relatively simple SolaReflex by Clear dome is 2 ft by 2 ft and retails for $89.00. Parabolic cookers can also be found for prices in excess of $200.00. Parabolic cookers can also be dangerous. They can create bright spots that can do damage to the look as well as hot spots that could burn you or your food.

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Company Layoff

Historically, layoff is practically associated with bad publications for companies make outing it. Furthermore, thither argon various some other negative effectuate that ar associated with the application of layoffs. Sometimes, layoff is the unaccompanied way that the gild must perform, in the sense that managers of the company have no other solution to cope with problems of the company. Despite the comments of observers and researches revealing the bad effects of massive layoffs, company layoff still becomes a part of modern companies daily lives.Concerning the issue, this paper exit review articles about layoff and several important factors. The review aims at creating a simple conclusion regarding the workout of layoffs and their tendencies. Afterwards, the paper will use one of the latest layoff policies to justify the conclusion and in addition to evaluate the layoff within a company. The focus of the paper is to describe the effects of company layoffs and present a pr actical example of the conclusion.Company LayoffDefinitionBy definition, layoff refers to a termination of employment of an employee or group of employees imputable to unfavorable business situation. The term is common in the business environment and does not often generate uneasiness.However, mass layoffs often become the source of whacking and confrontation in the workplaces. Firing employees in individual fashion does not generally raise too much problem because they generally contain warrant reasons of why the employees employment must be terminated.In addition, mass layoffs often generate trouble due to the fact that mass layoffs are performed solely due to economic reasons. In other words, employees being laid off could have performed no mistake in hi/her job that deserves the termination of employment. Within this paper, the discussion is centre more on mass layoffs rather than individual layoffs (Layoffs, nd.).Why LayoffResearchers identify two reasons concerning layof fs. The first category relates to the internal condition of the company in which layoffs are performed. Companies perform layoff because of profitability reasons. The goal of performing mass layoff is to mow the labor cost of the company. This is true since in most manufacturing companies, labor cost become significant part of the operational costs of the company. Therefore, reducing the labor cost without hurting revenues could mean enhanced profitability (Layoffs, nd.).However, some layoffs occur because management believes that revenues in future periods will go down. This could be the result of enhanced competition, problems with corporate supply chain, changes in managerial structure, etc. In order to halt profit, management often decides to undertake labor costs (Layoffs, nd.).Another reason of performing mass layoffs is external reasons. A downturn in macroeconomic conditions could result in financial problems for most companies. This macroeconomic downturn could have eff ects limited to certain industries or could happen nationally. In order to cope with such problem, companies could decide to cut labor costs and saves some level of profitability. This type of mass layoffs generally costs less debacles because everyone is going through the same problem at the time. However, there are excessively records that macroeconomic downturn and mass layoffs in some countries result in widespread class actions and public protests.General Effects of LayoffsLayoffs are often performed as the blend solution. In other words, layoffs are seen as the last solution to save a company from a terrible fall. Nevertheless, the fact often denies that premise. Layoffs often belittle corporate value rather than enhance it. Researchers state that this is due to the poor tendency of managers and business owners to look only to the financial aspect of the layoffs. In other words, they often neglect the intrinsic effect of the layoffs. The financial aspects of layoffs are gen erally easy to calculate, however, managers generally fail to assess the value generated by employees that must be laid-off. Thus, managers could well be loosing more value from the layoff compare to the financial savings they gain from the process (Hymowitz, 2007).Another bad effect of layoffs generally comes from the layoff that influence working environment. Layoffs often reduce employees motivation. Surviving employees generally becomes more wary and possess the feeling of unsafe which reduces the working performance of employees. Moreover, the feeling of unsafe could generate the decision to sample for new jobs rather than waiting with uncertainties (Hymowitz, 2007).How to Make the Best LayoffsLayoffs are generally correlated to bad business. The term generates negative atmosphere for most people in the working environment. Therefore, business owners and managers generally place layoff decisions as a last resort rather than a preferable alternative. Some alternatives to layoff s are establishing a hiring freeze, relocate employees to other sections or departments, cutting managerial and administrative salaries, shortening the work week, offering early retirements, etc. However, if layoffs are imminent, there are some activities that could reduce the negative effect of mass layoffs (Sullivan, 2001).The first step in making the best of corporate layoffs is planning the layoff strategy. This includes identification of common problems that could happen during layoffs. Managers of the company are suggested to perform researches and benchmarking to the best practice of company layoffs. Identification and evaluation of all alternatives to layoffs must be performed prior to deciding any layoff decisions. Planning the layoff strategy also involves preparing the budget for layoffs, notifying everyone involves and affected by the layoffs, etc.The second step of managing layoff is making sure that we involved all the people that should be involved in the layoff decis ion, like chief financial officers, HR officers, the corporate attorney, senior managers, etc. The company must them select a layoff expert, this person is responsible for the layoff process and to educate others on how to perform efficient layoffs. In addition, the workers union must be involved within the process. Lack of educating the union leaders about the necessity of the layoffs could mean stroke in performing effective and successful layoffs (Sullivan, 2001).The third step is managing the process carefully, this includes the preparation of a worst case scenario and socialization of involve people, setting the layoff criteria and maintain the credibility of the criteria during the process, identification of top performers, the people that the company cannot afford to loose and protecting them, etc (Sullivan, 2001).RadioShackRadioShack Corporation is a chain of electronic retail stores in the united States, Europe, Central America and South America. The company has 6,000 st ores in USA and has reported sales of $ 4.6 billion in 2006. In August 10, 2006, the company announces the layoff of 400 to 450 employees at the company headquarters. Company officials assert this action is necessary to reduce companys overhead expense and enhance competitive position in the market in the long term. The action is also decided to support small number of stores having financial trouble. In the company headquarters, 1 out of 5 positions are eliminated which affected employees of all levels in RadioShack.The layoff decision by the company is widely understood by many observers however, the layoff generates significant controversy because of the manner in which the layoffs are performed. The 400 employees are notified of the layoff 10 days in advance of the actual layoff. Email notification was delivered to employees who were terminated. In August 10, 2006, employees were sent the emails and they were given 30 transactions to pack up and say goodbye to co-workers and t hen meet their senior supervisors. After the meeting, a larger meeting was held to deliver the employees with their benefit packages and ask their questions.This manner of layoffs generates a widespread public attention. Many state that they have never seen such amount of employees laid off by emails. According to the general practice of corporate conduct, this demonstrates the lack of sensitivity by corporate management. The company has performed various efforts to delete reportage of this incident. According to some observers, this is one of the worst practices of corporate layoff in the history of corporate social responsibility. There are many articles that respond with cynicism in reaction of the poor methods of firing people who have been contri howevering to the companys success, some even for many years.I believe that the company will not obtain the value they aim for when they decided to perform this layoff decision. As discussed above, there should be various measures to f ace the negative effects of layoffs to employee morale. Insensitive behaviors like one performed by RadioShack will significantly hurt employee morale and their respect to the managers of the company. In result, working productivity could be seriously affected.BibliographyHymowitz. Carol. 2007. Why Layoffs Could Cost More Than They. CareerJournal. Retrieved March 24, 2007 from http// lays off employees via e-mail. 2006. USATODAY. Retrieved March 24, 2007 from http// news program/2006-08-30-radioshack-email-layoffs_x.htmSaveLayoffs Common but Still a Companys Last Resort. N.d. Jobwerx. Retrieved March 24, 2007 from http//, Matt, 2006. RadioShack to offer free online training. USA TODAYRetrieved March 24, 2007 frrom http//, John. 2001. Key Steps in Effective Layoffs. E Retrieved March 24, 2007 from http//

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Insulting language Essay

Great expectations might be read as a bildungsroman because it charts the progress of the main character, Pip, from childhood to adulthood. Traditionally, a bildungsroman contains a hero, who usually suffers early on in life, maturing and clashing with the mixer settings and eventually being accepted into it. The story focuses around this theme but doesnt always play by its rules. In my essay I will be discussing to what point Great expectations can be read as a bildungsroman.Great expectations conforms to the genre of a bildungsroman right from the start of the book, in the opening word picture we meet old pip talking about charting his life from when he was a little boy to a young gentleman. Like in most bildungsroman books Pip has suffered a loss at an early age, his parents, brothers and sisters. Pip has in any case had a harsh start to life because he lives with his sister who, even thought she is looking out for him, treats him quite badly.To even more extent the social hier archy is established very early on as we find out that Mr. Joe is a blacksmith and this is all- essential(a) in order to judge Pips development, we can even tell from the language that he uses that he has a hard knock life and is not well off. The structure of the opening scene tells us a lot about how it conforms to the bildungsroman genre, the way Dickens immediately introduces us to both Pips.The old omnipotent storyteller Pip, who tells the story as he remembers it skipping out bits and stretching the truth a little. And the young actor Pip who acts out what is happening while narrating it in 1st person which allows us to feeling the harshness and changes that he is breathing out through as he does which supports the bildungsroman framework. As I have mentioned before the language shows a lot about the fictitious character of life and the harshness of his life. E.g. Dark, flat, wilderness, low leaden line. Finally Dickens introduces the Convict who reinforces the social orde r and emphasises the harshness of Pips life, lastly he introduces the beginning of Pips great expectations.We first meet young pip in a cold and desolate church yard, looking at the graves of his parents and brothers this is important as it shows the harsh life he has had. In Chapter 1 we find out that Pip Has not had a childhood, he was bought up By hand suggesting that he has been disciplined harshly and ill Treated But with only the best in mind. We as well as found out that Pips Sister, Mrs. Joe, his only sexual relation in the world Who disciplines him so poorly, Married the local town blacksmith which shows that Pips Family is poor and that pip is not so well educated As he calls himself Pip which is the only words he could pronounce.Even with the convict Pips Personality shines through, it shows that even though the Convict is threatening him severely But Pip still feels sympathy for him if he were eluding the hands of the dead people, even when he is told that he must go a nd wreak him a file he still has the courtesy to say nice night, sir but Pip was also nervous he faltered and scared I was atrociously frightened. Old Pip is reporting what young Pip said and felt.As I have said in previous paragraphs Pip has had a hard life, Pips house is a small wooden house with a ditch clock which is a cheap clock. Pip is also mistreated as he served as a connubial missile and that he gets regular beatings from tickler. Pip is not the only one beat K straightwaying her (Mrs. Joe) to have a hard and heavy hand, and to be much in the habit of laying it upon her husband as well as upon me.Mrs. Joe is important because she represents the elevation of the children in Victorian society, she helps us to lets us see how truly far Pips has come from being forced to intimidate higher shape to really being it. Joe is a fellow-sufferer of Mrs. Joe and he and Pip both treat each other wish equals and share secrets more of having an older brother than him actually rai sing him as a father figure. It is important to see Pip at his home as we can feel sympathy for him and empathize what he is going through. Dickens wants us to fell sympathy for him so we can realize what his life was like and how he has changed since his childhood. The robbery of the pie shows us how Pips devotion for both Mrs. Joe and the convict and that his conscience about stealing from his sister, the one who brought him up by hand and fear from being caught or, if not doing it out of this fear, being killed by the convicts friend.In chapter 7 we learn a lot about Pips education. Everything he has learnt was form Mr. Wopsles great aunts school, but not from Mrs. Wopsle, from Biddy, her daughter. In Mrs. Wopsles School their only source of education was a single book that was passed around the class showing that Pip hasnt had a very good education like many of the working class children in Victorian society. Pips education shows that he is slowly advancing in society and is tr ying to hit his goals.However Pip thinks of himself as stupid when really he only thinks like this as he is not learning fast enough for him to like it and his surroundings make him believe it. Joe in comparison to Pip has had not much of an education, he cant even read where as Pip has pay back superior to him in his education and because of this we fell sorry for Joe because of the story of his childhood he tells us afterwards.Pip is invited to play at Miss Havershams house, this is important as it shows a crucial part of the bildungsroman genre, the shunning out of the society that he wants to be accepted by, when Pip is playing at Satis house he is mixing with the higher class which represents a small leap to achieving his goals, while also giving him something else to aim at, Estella. Pip is treated badly by Estella because of his class making him feel poor and common, insulting the language he uses he calls the knaves, jacks showing the difference in class which makes him up set and birdsong but the fact that she gets to him means that he likes her, urging him to change class the hands that have never bothered me before, look coarse and common now. Joe responds to Pip with helpful advice, saying that if he wants to be uncommon he must do it the honest way because if he cant hell never do it and we expect Pip to go and strike his goals.

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Drink †Marketing Essay

The brand that we know of today, Snapple, originally was manufactured in 1972 as an all-natural apple juice business in Greenwich Village. Arnie Greenberg, Leonard Marsh, and Hyman rosy imbeded the Snapple Brand come forwardsourcing production and product development building their network of distributers across New York City. Despite many product flavors that were failures, premium pricing balanced everything out and Snapple was still able to generate revenues. Unlike Snapple, from 1972 to 1993, much start up juice companies had failed or were sold off to larger distributers.Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, and Wendy Kaufman were a spacious part of the success. The original owners sold the gild to Thomas H. Lee Company in 1992, who then sold it to Quaker Oats in 1993. Quaker owned Gatorade and intellection that by purchasing Snapple it would be as successful as the sports take in once they started stocking grocery store shelves. Unfortunately, Business Week tells us that this acq uisition turn out to be one of the major U. S. business disasters of the 1990s. The brand lost 1.4 billion dollars in value under Quakers ownership as well as the distribution channel power it had established years prior. Four years later, Ken Gilbert and Mike Weinstein of Triarc, used research from a NJ group, Deutsch, Inc. , to assess the company in hopes of setting priorities and to reverse the downward slide Quaker had left the company in. Ultimately, Weinstein had hopes of reinvigorating the brand, though Gilbert was hesitant. Deutsch had researched the brand and found solutions such as demarcating Snapple as a category set aside from any others like diet soda and chocolate milk.Weinstein felt that Snapple was an upbeat drink and that they should keep the ball rolling on an upward track to success. Primary goals for Triarc in the short depot go along with some of the business decisions the company made earlier when it was known for its all natural beverages. Increasing sales volume and market share for the Snapple brand in general is the overall market-gardening of the company short term. One example of how to do so would be signing laurels phonation to reconnect with consumers as they once did with Wendy Kaufman.Wendys aberrant nature was a form of advertisement for the Snapple brand which also attracted the unpaid media attention. Hopefully with a new personality Snapple will appea4r again on Oprah, and David Letterman. An idea for a celebrity spokesperson would be Angelina Jolie. She travels the world, can show places she has been on commercials with people drinking Snapple. Questions she could ask would be based on their culture by what suit of Snapple they enjoy. Market studies should be conducted while promoting the drink so that they can find the top ten favorite flavors nationwide and globally.Sticking by one spokesperson and earning the trust again of the public is key. Earning trust of the public will also include answering fan mail and e stablishing fan clubs. Over the long term this can be established. She can answer her mail on TV eventually as Wendy once did to connect back to the public. Triarc cannot decide to dump the celebrity midway during success and expect the consumers to respond favorably we saw the result of this when Wendy was let go in prior years. This lost the brands authenticity and trust in the consumers eyes.Over the long term I feel that Snapple needs to also increase TV, radio, and print advertising which is innovative to the brand. at one succession the brand is more recognizable with a celebrity, the additional advertising will get the brand out there. The most important opportunity Snapple has at this time is where it is in the market. It needs to increase itself in the juice/soda drinking market segments. To do so the need to launch new products based on this beverage market what is most popular but keep the same labeling.Aggressive distribution and customer loyalty strategys is important . Snapple used to flip events such as fashion shows where people would dress up in dresses made only of Snapple lids. Another idea would be to have games like McDonalds has each year with the monopoly pieces. It will get the public of all ages involved and it will be fun. Snapple was considered by many to be a good example of a conventional product that was marketed in an unconventional fashion. Snapple was a popular beverage brand in the USA and several(prenominal) other parts of the world.The brand was launched by the Unadulterated Food Company in New York, in 1972. Over the years, Snapple came to be known for its unconventional promotional efforts which earned the brand a real fan following. The Snapple Beverage Corporation became one of the first companies to enter the New Age Beveragesmarket, which included non-carbonated drinks like tea and juices in the late 1980s. Snapple changed hands several times over the years. However, barring a few bad years, the brand remained very popular among consumers.

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Let’s Be Lefties for a Day

The perception of normality is based on how closely you resemble the major(ip)ity of sight (Devry College, 2013, Week One Assignment, Para. 1). I have been rightly handed since 2nd grade. This was not always the case though. When I began Kindergarten in 1985, I was pre preponderantly unexpended handed. I was persistently discouraged from writing with my left hand and eventually I became fluent in penmanship with my right hand. At the time, I commemorate being told that Everyone should write with their right hand I was taught early on, that to be normal is to be like everyone else. To this day I am still right handed as far as for writing, however, I have always favored my left hand for activities such as gymnastics and driving. I imagine feeling weird and looked down upon for being different and for taking longer than my classmates to learn how to write with a hand that felt foreign to me. Did it pay finish off? Was there an advantage to being right handed versus left? These ar e questions that are not as black and white as they may seem.This reputation examines normalcy and what it means to be a part of the majority versus being a minority. In our society, right-handed people reflect the majority or dominant group and left-handed individuals would be considered the minority based on the percentage of right versus left-handed people. In order to understand the affects of being in a minority group, we were challenged to Lets be lefties for a day. It was quickly apparent that our society and environment is catered toward right-handed people.This reflects a principle comen as institutionalize discrimination where minority groups are at a disadvantage because of the normal way society operates (Devry College, 2012, Week One Lecture, para. 2). Take buttons for instance. It is oftentimes easier to button jackets, or pants, etc with ones right hand as opposed to ones left. The reason for this is simply that the vast majority of mechanisms for buttoning, or z ippering, are altered for ease of right-handed individuals. Another example is door knobs. Most door knobs are manufactured with right-handed ergonomics in mind.Opening doors with my left hand problematic twisting my wrist in a manner that is both awkward and uncomfortable. Further exploration found that items such as golf clubs, scissors, kitchen utensils, and keyboards, are operational for left-handed individuals however, they come at a price. Not only were they more expensive per unit than standard items that are readily available but they overly required internet access as they are primarily found online, and included shipping fees in addition to the already hefty price tag.It was discernible that in this instance, being in the minority or less(prenominal) dominant group incurs inconvenience and monetary penalty. Through these major institutions, the dominant group impart shape the society in ways that reflect its interests, values, and beliefs and minimize those of less do minant groups. The result is discrimination (Devry College, 2013, Week One Lecture, Para. 2). Having spent the majority of my breeding right-handed, I hadnt given much thought to what it means to be left-handed.It is easy to not have to consider what life is like for those in the less dominant groups when things as simple as the ease of opening a door, or a can, or sharpening a pencil, and/or buttoning ones pants do not require a second thought. Devry College, 2013, Week One Lecture states that unlike the dominant group, most minority groups recognize and understand cultural differences. Unfortunately, they also feel the guide to be wary and defensive at all times (Para. 8). This is very similar to how I felt almost 30 years ago when I took my first penmanship class in Kindergarten and was instructed to become a rightie versus a leftie.The Devry College, 2013, Week One Lecture continues the end result is that subordinate groups always know and understand more about the dominant gr oup than the dominant group does about the subordinate group (Para. 8). It is important to recognize that we all have differences, be it cultural, ethnic, gender, or something as seemingly simple as being right or left-handed. These differences are what creates diversity and adds richness and color to our world and is a major component in the social glue holding a culture together.What we want to do is simply recognize that we do have prejudices arising from our ethnocentric discern of the world (Devry College, 2013, Week One Lecture, Para. 10). There is an old familiar saying that you never know a man till you have walked a nautical mile in his shoes. This is so true and it can be easy to forget that beyond our obvious differences, we are all human. How does all of this relate to the business context of use? M. Bell, 2012 states that in inclusive organizational cultures, employees feel as though they are accepted, belong, and are able to contribute to decision-making processes ( M.Bell, 2012, p. 5).Imagine all of the important discoveries, policies, and practices that would not exist if we had not accept the contributions of minority members of our society That said, there is still a long way to go. Individuals need to be recognized and considered for their qualifications when seeking employment or promotion, not discriminated imputable to their gender, ethnicity, or cultural differences. In conclusion, the leftie experiment was a real eye-opener I never realized how difficult seemingly simple things can be for some, and how much I take for grantedThe world is a different place for minorities and we need to level the playing field through acceptance and understanding. Ethnocentricity is not always a bad thing. It is the tie that binds us but when used to discriminate, it serves only to tear us apart. How do we move forward? Devry College, 2013, Week One Lecture declares that truthfulness and explaining all options and services available are key to braking down the barriers between majority and minority groups created by distrust (para. 11).

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Hamlet Moral Philosophy Essay

Throughout Hamlet there is a moral contravene in regards to suicide. As the events of the play unfold Hamlet finds himself pondering whether or not conduct is worth living in such a rheumy world. Uncertainty keeps Hamlet from ending the pain of life, as well as his desire for revenge on Claudius.Periodically throughout the play Hamlet pelf to contemplate his mortality and ending his life. Hamlet does this in his soliloquies, often about whatever event is happening right then as well as, as is his melancholic nature, thinking about whether life is worth living. In the famous to be, or not to be(3.1.56) speech, Hamlet is literally weighing the options between to be, or to brisk, or not to be, to die, and in the end he finds that the uncertainty of death makes calamity of so long life(3.1.69). Speeches like this and others throughout the play argon prompted by Hamlets distress at all of the conflicts going on around him. These speeches be Hamlets innermost thoughts and so are inte nded for Hamlet as they are his reflection on the moral conflict he is facing. Hamlets soliloquies reflect his inner conflict as he reflects upon whether or not he should end his life and his suffering or live and continue to suffer through his pain.In Hamlets soliloquy in Act 3 Scene 1, or the to be, or not to be speech, Hamlet uses various rhetorical techniques to judge whether he should live or die. He uses imagery in this speech such as The oppressors wrong, the proud mans contumely (3.1.71) to illustrate the pains which whitethorn be felt in the sleep of death which he is considering. Hamlet also uses repetition throughout the speech to emphasize his conflict between life and death, particular in reference to sleep as he says To die, to sleep (3.1.60&64), he does this to highlight his uncertainty at the idea of death, or what may be lurking thereafter, what dreams may come(3.1.66). Hamlets perspective on this moral conflict changes as he finds purpose in his revenge against Cla udius and begins to see his syllabus come to fruition. In the beginning of the play, Hamlet seems to be contemplating suicide whereas at the end, Hamlet wants to live to see his revenge against Claudius completed.

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Knowledge without application is worthless Essay

A great philosopher once said, Without intimacy action is utilizeless and knowledge without action is vapidGood morning ladies and gentlemen Im Abdul Rafae and today Im going to speak on knowledge without application is uselessHumans engage a common ability of applying almost everything in their life. Talking about new fashions, tr supplants, innovations but when it comes to applying knowledge, situation is slightly different. Not all people r experts but the qs is what lacks in most knowledgeable humans that becomes an obstacle for them to become an expert. Ladies & gentlemen the answer is as simple as that, they simply lack the ability to use that knowledge just wen it is requird..Ive often been hearing an old sayingknowledge is power. However, I never agreed with it. I knew it had to be change by reversal to application of knowledge is power because this is whats important. Cramming us with useless knowledge contributes to no added value.Rote learning of the books particularl y ends up is ruining ones life. I weart say being a knowledgeable person is bad but if one has the knowledge yet fails to implement it where postulatehes a man of no worthConsidering the competition prevailing in our society today, were now in a more than more complex state where everybody is seeking knowledge either by book or crook, but when it comes to application of that knowledge we fail to see those geniuses acquiring successful.Ill support my idea by a very well-known example which I know would be acceptable to all my fellow friends sit down here. This example is of Bill Gates. Yes Im talking about one of the richest men on earth today who is not even a exalted school pass out yet is controlling consumers around the globe. Now what exactly do you think is the key to his success? Luck Source Or excessive knowledge? Let me tell you it was none of these three. In fact for being another Bill Gates you need to have a rut and you need to know how to apply your skills with res pect to the need.and ladies and gentlemen trust me it maybe possible that application along may get you to success. However knowledge only may not do so.Now let me define the difference between having knowledge & applying it. Lets suppose for e.g. you have a novel of your favourite power but you dont know how to read the words in it. Would you be able to ever finish it?Thats exactly my point, when u dont know how to apply ur reading skills how wud u read?Interestingly every student wants an exam free life, dont we hate exams? Yes we do its bitter but a fact that if we are not tested on what we acquire from our respected teachers we may never learn to apply it. consequently instead of considering them as a nite mare take exams as a step towards applying whatever ur taught.As time is limited I would like to end my speech by saying that I Abdul Rafae have 2 As in my olevels till now and a successful educational background. My purpose is not to show off but Im proud to say that Im no t only a knowledge person but Im a man above that because I believe knowledge is just the data and only by applying that information we make ourselves what we are. Thank you

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Causes and Effect of Pollution in Our Environment Essay

INTRODUCTIONThis chapter presents the overview of the topic round the thrusts and personal effects of air contamination to our environment. The term air pollution is a mixture of natural and manmade substances in the air we breath such as fine particles evolved by the burning of fossils fuel ground level ozone, which is a reactive form of oxygen that is a primary dowry of urban smog and noxious gases such as southward dioxide, normality oxides, b pitiful monoxide, and chemical vapors. The health effects of air pollution have been reported in inquiry studies over the past 30 years. These effects include respiratory diseases such as asthma, cardiovascular diseases changes in lung ontogenesis in children.What pollutants affect air quality?A few air pollutants, called criteria air pollutants, ar common by dint of with(predicate)out the United States. These pollutants tin injure health, molest the environment and cause property damage. The current criteria pollutants argon carbon monoxide, lead nitrogen oxide, ozone, particulate matter with aerodynamic size less than or touch to 10 micrometers, and southward dioxide.What are the causes of air pollution?There are some(prenominal) causes of air pollution examples of these are burning of plastics, fomites, heavy factories and scattered garbage.These research aims to give and share information and knowledge to the readers regarding to the topic. The purpose of conducting this research is to emphasize on how pollution affects are mankind and the environment. It will also help us to know more close pollution and how we throw out avoid and save our mother ball. And what are the causes and effects of air pollution.The objectives of these research is to understand the environment and its component to human life, it gives information about the cause and effects brought by the fast spreading of pollution, it also determine the sources of pollution.As the fast moving fluid middling in the environment the a tmosphere has always been one of the convenient place to despise of unwanted materials. Eversince we first used fire, the atmosphere has been a shed for waste disposal.Read moreEssay About HazeCHAPTER IIDISCUSSIONI. INDOOR POLLUTIONWe have to spend a considerable of movement and money to pull wires the major outdoor air pollutants but we have only recently become aware of the danger of indoor air pollutants. The EPA has organise that indoor niggardness of toxic air pollutants are often higher than outdoor. Furthermore, people generally spend more time inside than out and therefore are exposed to higher closes of these pollutants. In some cases indoor air in home has chemical concentrations that would be illegal outside or when the workplace. infra some circumstances compounds and styrene rouse be seventy time higher indoor air than in outdoor in.II. POLLUTION CONTROLFor dater unmoving and mobile sources of air pollutants the most reasonable strategies for control have been to castrate, collect, capture or retain the pollutants before they enter the atmosphere. From an environmental view point, the reduction of emissions through energy efficiency and conservation measures, we disease pollutants control for selected air pollutants.A. POLLUTION CONTROL PARTICULATESParticulates emitted from fugitive, point, or area stationary source are much easier to control than are the very small particulates of primary or secondary origin release from mobile sources, such as automobile. As you learn more about these very small particles, we will have to devise new methods to control them.Particulates from fugitive sources must be controlled or site so the wind does non blow them the atmosphere. Methods include protecting open areas controlling dust, and reducing the effects of wind.B. POLLUTION CONTROL AUTOMOBILESControl the pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydro carbon in urban areas is but achieved through pollution control measures foraut omobiles. Control of this material will also limit ozone formation in the lower atmosphere. Since ozone forms through reaction, with nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons in the presence of sunlight.Nitrogen oxides from automobile exhaust are controlled by recirculation exhaust gas diluting the air to fuel mixture being fire in the engine. Delusion reduces the temperatures of combustion and decrease the oxygen concentration in the burning mixtures, resulting in the production of fewer nitrogen oxides. Unfortunately the same subprogram increase hydrocarbons emissions. Nevertheless, exhaust the circulation the reduce nitrogen oxide emissions has been common practice in the United States for more than 20 years.C. POLLUTION CONTROL SULFUR DIOXIDESulfur dioxide emissions send packing be reducing through basic measures performed before, during or after combustion. Technology to reave up coal so it will burn more clean is already available. Although the cause of removing sulfur mix fuel mor e expensive, the expense must be balanced against the long term consequences of burning sulfur- rich coal.ever-changing from high- sulfur coal low sulfur coal seems solution to reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide. In some regions, this change will work. Unfortunately most low sulfur coal in the United States is located in the Western part of the rural area, whereas, must coal is burn in the east. Thus, transportation is an issues use of low- sulfur coal is a solutions only in cases where it is economically feasible.III. GENERAL EFFECTS OF AIR POLLUTIONThe effects of air pollution on vegetation are numerous. They include damage to leaf tissue, needles and fruit reduction in growth rates are sufficient of growth, increase susceptibility to a variety of diseases, pests, and indecent weather and disruption of reproductive processes.Air pollutants is a significant factor in the human death rate for many biggish cities, for example, it has been estimated that in Athens, Greece, the m o of death is several times higher on days when the air is heavenlypolluted and in Hungary, where are pollution has been a serious caper in recent years.Air pollution effects many aspects of our environment its visual qualities, vegetation, animals, shites, water quality, natural and artificial structures and human health. Air pollutants affects the visual resources by discoloring the atmosphere and by reducing visual range and atmospheric clarity so that the visual contrast of distant objects is decrease.IV. CLEAN AIR LEGISLATIONThe clean air act amendments of 1990 are comprehensive revelations enacted by the U.S congress that address acid rain, toxic emissions, ozone depletion, and automobile exhaust. In give careing with acid deposition, the amendments established limits of the maximum permissible emissions 0f sulfur dioxide from utility companies for new coil.The 1990 amendments also call for reduction emission of nitrogen dioxide by approximately 2 million from the 1980 lev el. Greater reduction would be difficult because large amount of nitrogen oxide emissions are related to automobiles, rather than to coal burning power plants.The clean air amendments also deal with ozone depletion in the stratosphere. The goal is to end the production of all CFC and other chlorine chemicals and steps by 2030. Environmentalist can also purchase these permits to abide by them from being bought by utility companies, forcing the utility companies to use more vigorous pollution abatement techno. Buying of permits by environmentalist however, has not been a major factor. An innovative aspect of the legislation is to provide incentives to utility companies to reduced emissions of sulfur dioxide by providing marketable permits that allow companies to buy and sell the right to pollute.VII. SOURCES AND CAUSESMotor vehicle emissions are one of the leading causes of air pollution. China, United States, Russia, Mexico, and Japan are the world leaders in air pollution emissions , however, Canada is the number 2 country ranked per capita. Principal stationary pollution sources include chemical plants, coal fired power plants, oil refineries petro chemical plants nuclear wastedisposal activity, incinerators, large livestock forms, PVC factories, metals production factories, plastics, and other heavy industry.Some of the more common soil contaminations are chlorinated hydrocarbons heavy metals, MTBE, zinc, arsenic, and benzene. Ordinary municipal landfills are the sources of many chemical substances entering the soil environment emanating from the wide variety of refuse accepted especially substances illegally discarded there, are from pre- 1970 landfills that may have been field of honor to little control in the U.S or EU. There have also been some unusual releases of poly chlorinated dibenzodioxins, commonly called dioxins for simplicity such as TCDD. pollution can also be the consequences of a natural disaster. For example, hurricanes often involve water contamination from sewerage, and petrochemical spills from ruptured boats or automobiles. Larger scale and environmental damage is not laughable when coastal oil rings or refineries are involved. Some sources of pollution such as nuclear power plants or oil tankers can produce widespread and potentially hazardous releases when accidents occur.In the case of noise pollution dominant source class in the motor vehicles producing abut ninety portion of all unwanted noise worldwide.A. HUMAN HEALTHAdverse air quality can kill many organism including human. Ozone pollution can cause respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, threat inflammation, chest pain, and congestion. Water pollution causes approximately 14,000 deaths per day, mostly due to contamination of drinking water by untreated sewage in developing countries. Oil spiles can cause skin irritation and rashes, Noise pollution induces hearing loss, high blood pressure, stress, and sleep disturbance.B. ECOSYSTEMSSulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen can cause acid rain which reduces the PH value of soil affect other organisms in the flood web. Smog and haze can reduce the amount of sunlight received by plants to carryout photosynthesis. Invasive species can out compete native species plants can contribute debris and biomlecules that can alter soil and chemical compositions of anenvironment, often reducing native species competitiveness. Biomagnifications describes a situation where toxins may be pass through tropic levels, becoming exponentially more concentration in the process.C. OZONEOzone is a gas. It can be good or bad depending on where it is good ozone occurs naturally about 10 to 30 miles above the earth surface. It shields us from the seems ultraviolet rays. Part of the god ozone layer is gone destroyed by manmade chemicals. Without enough god ozone, people may get too much ultraviolet radiation. This may increase the risk of skin cancer, cataracts and immune systems problems.Bad ozone is at grou nd level. It forms when pollutants from cars, factories, and other sources react chemically with sunlight. It is the main ingredient in smog. It is usually worst in the summer. Breathing lead ozone can be harmful causing throat irritation worsening of asthma, bronchitis and emphysema, and even permanent lung damage, if you are regularly exposed to it.VIII. OUTDOOR AIR POLLUTION POSSIBLE HEALTH EFFECTSWhat symptom does air pollution cause?Air pollution can irritate the eyes, throat and lungs. Burning eyes cough and chest tightness are common with exposure to high levels of air pollution.Different people can react very differently to air pollution. Some people may notice chest tightness are cough, while others may not spy any effects. Because exercise requires faster deeper breathing, it may increase the symptoms. People with heart disease such as angina or with lung disease asthma or emphysema may be very sensitive to air pollution exposure, and may notice symptoms when others do no t.CHAPTER IIICONCLUSIONThis chapter presents the discussion entitled the causes and effects of air pollution to our environment.Air pollution discussed treats pollution as a result of the rapids rise of the human populations and one of the causes of changes of the environmentwhich usually being about destruction of biotech communities.The causes and effect of air pollution in our environment cannot be abolish if only the people abuse and neglect the significance of environment and the community.So, I therefore conclude that the cause and effect of air pollution to our environment can avoided if we make proper used in the environment in the grandeur and cleanliness of this and needed of human life.In setting standards to protect public health from the effect of air pollutants the concept of their holds may not be useful because certain(prenominal) population groups are very sensitive and effects and detected even at low levels. To enable the development of effective risk reduction strategies found on qualitative and quantitative knowledge, further data analysis and more comprehensive monitoring is recommended.In addition to the pollutants discussed in this study, other aspects of air pollution should also be addressed in the development of air pollution policy in Europe. These include air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, persistent organic pollutants, certain metals, certain volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen trichloride. The combined effects of the urban air pollution mix also an big issue that remains unresolved.BIBLIOGRAPHYBolkin B. Principle of Environment Science Inquiry and Application 2nd Ed. Boston mc Graw-Hill 2004Cunningham M. Environmental Science Earth as a Living Planet. John Wiley and Sons. Inc. 2005James S. Earth Science World Worth, PublicationCo. C1998Kurt F. Annual Edition Social Problem Mc Graw- Hill/ Duskin C2003Oledan T. The Case for Pollution Prevention, Environment and the Law. Vol. VI No. 9 March 2007Saspa J. P. Environment. Poison in the Air Free PressVol. XCIV No. 3 January 18,2002Schaeter T. Sociology -9th Ed. Boston Mc Graw Hill Intl. C2005Smitch L. Environmental Geology 6th Ed. Boston Mc Graw Hill C2003Soriano L. Save Mother Earth. Environmental Science ManilaPhoenix Publication C1995Thomas M. Elements of environmental science -14th Ed. Addition Wesley Longman Inc. C2002

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How does Steinbeck present Lennie and George Essay

How does Steinbeck present Lennie and George in the 1st chapter? Lennie and Georges father and son like kind is clearly one of love, although from the beginning we sense Georges frustration due to Lennies constant childlike behaviour. George is very protective over Lennie, Lennie for Gods sake dont drink so much because he has been told to look after him by his Aunt Clara. George does like having Lennie around as he says, No you stay with me. As Lennie and George are itinerant workers, it can be a very alone(predicate) life so the fact that they have each other room that they are very lucky. further this constant responsibility can obviously present problems, George says When I think of the swell time I couldve had without you, having Lennie around has stopped him from doing lots of things other men of his age wouldve done. George is quite clearly the leading mapping in their relationship. As we know, Lennie is mentally not all there as he uses simple and un-educated language, such as Look, George. Look what I done. Due to Lennie being childish and not very intelligent it means that he has to rely on George an awful lot.An example suggesting that Lennie is reliant on George is that They had walked in single buck down the path. This suggests that George is in control and acts as a parent like figure, it also screening Georges intelligence and maturity. This responsibility that George has to look after Lennie means that he is very protective, he says take overt drink so much. This is an example of George being a paternal figure, this is an imperative and he says it sharply implying that he is worried about George. George has to repeatedly remind Lennie if he indispensablenesss him to do or not do something. In the 1st chapter it is suggested by Steinbeck that Lennie has fauna qualities to match his childish behaviour. His big stature makes up for his childish behaviour as George can get Lennie to do tasks that he wouldnt otherwise be able to do, as he is small. He tells Lennie, Flood water wood. Now you go get it. In the book it says that he was snorting like a horse and dragging his feet. I think that Steinbecks reason for doing this is to show that Lennie is to be looked after and can be irrational, only when as an animal is, and he motivatings to be given direction like a horse.He seeks praise unless as a dog would to its owner, Lennie says Look George Look, this implies that Lennie aspires to be like George and is constantly in admiration of George. We are also told that with his strength he can accidently use his strength to be dangerous, an example of animal imageryused to describe Lennie as dangerous is that he uses his paw. This is an example of foreboding because, just as in Weed, he may do something that may get them into trouble. We are told early on that George and Lennie are both have the same intake, and that is to have a little house and some rabbits. Although they want it for different purposes this is somet hing they aspire to do, and they want to do it together. Lennies is to have rabbits due to his obsession with petting animals, mice on the particular occasion in the woods, its ony a mouse George. Georges aspiration is more to do with the fact that they will no longer need to worry about acquire a job, which is certainly difficult with Lennie.They want to live off the fat of the land, suggesting that they dont want to work for anyone and be continuingly undermined by bosses and having to live in such awful conditions. They dont want to be one of the stereotypes as they say us guys are the loneliest guys in the world. To conclude, I think that Steinbeck presents Lennie and George with a strong relationship. George being a father like figure to Lennie. They both need each other, otherwise they would be lonely just like other itinerant workers at this time. Lennie in reality does look up to George and there has been a strong sense of foreboding through the actions from the past that we regain out about. As the book progresses I can expect the reader to understand more fully that the relationship that these two men have.

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Legal and Ethical Issues at Workplace Essay

IntroductionIn this paper, wakeless and ethical issues will be discussed in connective with the current, previous and potential future habitability of the wellness and arctic of employees, which is currently an important issue was the state of sever every last(predicate)y and every country. Estimated mortality, a long with the injury shows that a reduce of companies in past and designate encountered several problems as well as in the near future, they will to a fault continue in the direction go about the types of ethical and legal issues.All kinds of approximations and expenses related to geters wellness, along with gumshoe and security that occurred in an administration depicts that preventative issues were non a priority of the comp whatever due to this the number of legal issues relating to costs and penalties can be experienced by companies (Granger 2010).Understanding of Employee health & golosh IssuesIn the current competitive culture to the savorless feat of t he company, it is indispensable to ensure the safety and security of its employees. Health and safety includes an important part of work culture. base hit pertains towards exploit of defending physical well being of the employee (Clarke and White 2002). Additionally, it as well involves risk of accidents abstr lend oneself dueto the machinery, fire and illnesss. Security issues towards defending facilities along with equipments from the unauthorized approach and likewise guarding employees at condemnation if they take in been on work. Generally right of the employee wellness along with safety falls on supervisors or Human Resource managers of the company (Swanton 2005).All these truths and plans for health and safety confirm been doctor by the government. These rules and regulations made by the government shows that the director of personnel, organizations can help in the coordination of safety programs, resulting in employees aw be of health and safety plans and polic ies of the company and to conduct a formal safety training, etc. In addition to supervisors and depart affable heads are responsible for providing a safe working environment (Employees health and safety responsibilities, 2013). Subsequently few(a) funny responsibilities have been decided by the government and organizations on the part of managers and supervisors which are as followsResponsibilities of Managers play along health and safety of employeesInstruct employees to be safety alertLook into accidentsClearly communicate regarding safety policy to employees (Lefkowitz 2003)Responsibilities of supervisors/departmental headsOffer technical training concerning to obviation of accidentsAlign health and safety programs stop employees on treating facilities and equipmentsFormulation of safety reporting systemsAssertion of safe working conditions (Hooker 2002)Within the framework of the organizations present different approaches to ensure the health and safety of its employees, but a ll of the approaches do not focus on the contribution of from separately one of the design work and employee behavior to safety. Focus on both of these approaches is necessary to make this regulatory approach towards the safety and efficacy (Cahn and Markie 1998). Many organizational and individual issues are in the caution of workers health and safety, which are as follows and should be managed ethically another(prenominal)wise it can guide the organization in relation to the various legal issues.Workplace Issues Ethical and juristicPhysical Work SettingsThe physical seat of the individual affects the performance of employees, and few of the f affectors that include temperature, noise, lighting, the size of the working area and the type of materials that make an pertain on staff working with these factors (Granger 2010).Sick Building SyndromeThis is a concomitant in which employees are smashing health problems and anxiety because of the time spent in the workplace. Some factors that can guide sick building recognize poor air quality, inadequate ventilation, inappropriate cleanliness, food smell and Adhesives, etc (Clarke and White 2002). bioengineeringErgonomics is the analysis of the physiological, psychological, and engineering design work prospects, letting factors such as fatigue, lighting, tools, equipment layout and placement of checks. This is theboundary in the midst of humans and machines. In such a situation, problems like back pain, eye strain and headaches appear because of the long working hours are spent (Clarke and White 2002).Engineering of Work Equipments and MaterialsAccidents happen used in the organization can be excluded in this way, by the reform placement of unsafe vehicles. Besides the construction of machinery and equipment also operates a key role in the safety of employees, as offering security guards and hide in the equipment, emergency stop pushing and other materials can help reduce accidents significantly (Clarke a nd White 2002).accumulative Trauma and Repetitive StressCumulative trauma disorders fall, when the muscles are constantly used to perform some tasks. This in turn causes damage to musculoskeletal and nervous system. Employees need to meet the high level of mental and physical stress and due to this kind of stress and trauma (Clarke and White 2002).Accident Rates and one-on-onesIndividual access to a secure environment also helps to dive accidents. Its ordinaryly more of a nuisance as stimulated due to casual approach staff than on the machines or the employers negligence. The positive attitude of organizations and employers to the work environment and other get alongs can contribute to safety of employees, and not some other issues (Clarke and White 2002).Ethical ResponsibilityIndividual access to a secure environment also helps to dive accidents. Its generally more of a nuisance as stimulated due to careless approach staff than on the machines or the employers negligence. The p ositive attitude of organizations and employers to the work environment and other practices cancontribute to safety of employees, and not some other issues (Employee Health and Safety, 2013).Ethical TheoriesConsequentialist theory suggests that an act is lessonly wrong if it leads to the consequences of false or considered molestful by the vast majority of people in the community. Consequentialist theory requires evaluation of the actual effects of the law, which include the effects of direct and indirect alike. It also requires the use of some type of rules and evaluation criteria for determining whether the result is beneficial or traumaful (Audi 1997).The theory is normative because it is the use of evaluative criteria to guide whether individuals should lead or avoid the act. For the application of this theory, there should be a general agreement in family to the nature of the evaluation criteria. This theory also suggests that the moral philosophy of each case mustiness be fructifyd according to the specific circumstances without reference to the legal or moral standard is absolute (Cahn and Markie 1998).Consequentialist approach and one that is utilitarian, which deals with the work on the basis of good harming or damage with the well-being or happiness as a result of the relevant sagacity criteria. Consequentialist theory, however, suggests that the evaluative norms may be relevant to social or cultural factors.When the consequentialist theory is applied to this situation (employee health and safety) it suggests that the actions of the managers and employers can be unethical if they do not care about employees health and safety. From the consequentialist perspective, the shun consequences of the managers actions far outweighed the positive consequences of increasing their personal wealth (Hooker 2002).Deontological theories of ethics to determine the acts that constitutes or may not be based on the blood which led to the duty. On the otherha nd, deontological theories do not see the military issues of acts. Deontological ethics also postulates that adherence to the Duty set by the social relations is a moral obligation (Audi 1997). In the approach to ethics is imperative developed by Kant, one of the maxims is to treat others as an end and never as a means.Pluralistic intuitive approach to deontological ethics adopted by Ross suggests the existence of prima facie duties apply to all individuals regardless of the specific nature of the relationship. These duties include fidelity, and compensation afterward causing damage, and non-injury to others. These general duties, however, do not preclude the creation of specific duties in a relationship by explicit or unsaid agreement (Cahn and Markie 1998). In addition, the deontological theories do not clearly give away the hierarchy of duties when a conflict arises between obligations, although there is general agreement that the duty not to harm others takes priority over other duties.Applying deontological theories to this situation (employee health and safety) requires assessing the general and specific duties of the managers and employers arising from their relationships to the tight and its stakeholders. The mangers have general duties for workers safety, accidental harms, and other health issues and to make reparations in the event if they are harmed because of the lack of safety measures (Hooker 2002). justness ethics postulates the existence of a fixed set of moral rules that an individual can use to determine the rightness of an action. A meritoriousness is a disposition to respond in a good or appropriate way to a situation or event. From this perspective, virtue is character trait. At the same time, virtue ethics has a normative dimension in which it describes the types of responses to situations that are moral or appropriate for all people (Audi 1997). In this theoretical approach, an action is right only if it is the action that an indi vidual with a utter(a) character would perform in the same situation.Applying virtue ethics to this situation leads to the conclusion that the managers of a firm may be unethical because they did not behave in a manner expected of a virtuous person in the situation if any of the employees got hurt, injured etc. Although consequentialist theory, deontological theory, and virtue ethics have different approaches to assessing ethical behavior in an organization they arrive at the same conclusions (Cahn and Markie 1998).The consequentialist theories view the outcome of the harm caused to employees as the critical factor determining the ethics of the behavior. The deontological theories examine the breach of laws under OSHA and implicit duties as the controlling factor determining the ethics of any accidental events in an organization. Virtue ethics propose that virtuous people would not have performed the acts of irresponsibility and carelessness. The behavior of the managers and employ ers is said to be unethical regardless of the ethical framework used for evaluating the events leading to the collapse of the firm (Employee Health and Safety 2013).Legal ResponsibilityNumerous laws are contrived to defend workers from infirmity and injury. Most prominent act in this regard is the Occupational Safety and Health memorial tablet that was created in 1970 within the U.S. department of Labor (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2013). The official duty of this act is to make sure worker safety and health in the United States by working with employers and employees to demonstrate better working environments. (Employee Health and Safety 2013)The implementation of this act had helped in cutting workplace deaths by more than 60 percent and occupational injury and illness rates by 40 percent. This act had explicated number of responsibilities for employers along with numerous rights of employees that can be used by an employee if he does not found organization co ncerned about his own health and safety (Occupational Safety and Health Administration 2013). From the time of this acts implementation various organization and employers are aerated for not asserting with their determined responsibilities.Employer Responsibilities under OSHAUnder this act adjacent are the duties and responsibilities of employer towards their employees health and safetyMeet with general duty obligation to offer a workplace free from documented hazards that are inducing or are potential to induce death or serious physical harm to employees and follow with standards, rules and regulations issued under the act.Define yourself and your staff with mandatory OSHA standards and make copies available to staff for reconsideration upon request. unceasing assessment of workplace conditions to ensure that they meet with appropriate standards.Minimize and reduce safety and health endangerments. manipulate that employees have and use safe tools and equipments.Offer medical exami nations whenever required by OSHA standards.These are some peculiar responsibilities of employers along with number of other responsibilities. (Employee Health and Safety 2013)Employee Rights under OSHAUnder OSHA rules, employees have a right to know about the hazards to which they may be exposed at work. In addition to this employees have a right to seek a safe workplace without fear of punishment. The right is spelled out in share 11(c) of the act and all employees are covered except workers who are self employed and public employees in state and local government. This law also delineates that employers should not punish or discriminate against workers for exercising kick and filing safety and health grievances.This detailed discussion of employee health and safety concerned act OSHA depicts that it is necessary to organize and employers to adhere to their responsibilities and only they can be charged and directed in a number of other issues that would cause damage to its image as well (Occupational Safety and Health Administration 2013).In addition to OSHA other acts efforts in this regard are Workers hire Law (Occupational Safety and Health Administration 2013). The law deals with all accidental injuries and occupational diseases and during the growing and compass work. This involves a disease or injury resulting from such injuries. In general, this law does not offer compensation for any of the following conditionsMental or nervous injury due to stressThere is a work-related condition that causes the employee to have a fear or dislike of another individual race, color or national origin, religion, sex and age.Pain and suffering from the condition (Employee Health and Safety 2013).Under this law, the employer can be injured worker litigation to bring about the incident cannot be injured worker litigation employer to injury. This trade-off of this law makes it possible to injured workers to receive immediate medical care, at no cost to the injured worke r, without any thinking about who was at fault, the employer or the employee. In the civil law is the perception that the negligence must be demonstrated through litigation before any compensation is awarded (Occupational Safety and Health Administration 2013).RecommendationsOrganizations should work to improve the welfare of employees and, therefore, should be trouble-free. Terms of health, safety, and security are closely related to each other. Health was the general state of well being. This notonly allows for the physical well being selected, however, also along with his healthy mind and body. It is believed that every organization should take care of the physical parameters of the work in which its employees work otherwise it can lead to a number of ethical and legal issues. Due to the legal act one can confer that each and every organization should follow with their ethical responsibility towards employees health and safety as they are also a vital part of the country and soci ety from which it also belongs.ConclusionIn the end, of the detailed discussion of ethical and legal issues in regard to employee health and safety we can conclude that organizations can avoid all these issues if they manage it with all-inclusive efforts from the time to employee hiring to his performance at workplace. If an organization abides with the established rules and regulations it will achieve immense success in the maintenance of employee health and safety. Adoption of appropriate laws and acts along with appropriate implementation of essential programs can furnish an organization with trenchant approach to manage and handle employees health and safety.ReferencesAudi, R. (1997). Moral knowledge and ethical character. New York Oxford University Press.Cahn, S. & Markie, P. (1998). Ethics History, theory, and contemporaneous issues. New York Oxford University Press.Hooker, B. (2002). Ideal code, real world A rule-consequentialist theory of morality. New York Oxford Universi ty Press.Lefkowitz, J. (2003). Ethics and values in industrial organization psychology. Mahwah NJ Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.Swanton, C. (2005). Virtue ethics A pluralistic view. Oxford OxfordUniversity Press.Hughes, Phil and Ferrett, Ed (2009) Introduction to Health and Safety at Work. taylor & francis 4 editionJane Clarke Alex White (2002) A guide to good employment practice in the community & voluntary sector. Dublin Combat Poverty Agency.Granger, Lisa (2010) Best Practices in Occupational Health, Safety, Workers Compensation and Claims Management for Employers Assisting Employers in Navigating The Road to Zero. Universal PublishersEmployee Health and Safety. (2013). Retrieved from http// http// Safety and Health Administration. (2013). Retrieved from http// http//

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FMC Green River Essay

FMC blue jet River, one of the localizes of FMC connection presently experiences dilemma regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire plant with respect to other plants of FMC Corporation specifically FMC Aberdeen. Despite of the many year of FMC third estate River in operation, it has been overtaken by a much younger familiarity-FMC Aberdeen in terms of profitability and operating cost reduction rate. FMC jet-propelled plane River and FMC Aberdeen have different management orientations and plant operations.But despite of these differences, FMC Green River still faces the problem of having inefficient plant operations relative to FMC Aberdeen. In this regard, Ken occasional, FMC Green River manager, decided to study the possibility of using some of the management principles that FMC Aberdeen has been using for the onetime(prenominal) years of its operations. Organizational and Behavioral Analysis After a critical analysis of the case, Bob Lancaster and his irregu lar track of managing people would be the primary reason why FMC Aberdeen has been experiencing high productivity and efficiency since its establishment.The spacious recruitment process of FMC Aberdeen secured the said plant with dedicated yet skilled workers and has passion over winning initiatives in making the entire plant more productive. On the other hand, FMC Green River has a truly opposite orientation than of FMC Aberdeen. There is no sense of company effort and teamwork on the floors of FMC Green River irrefutable having more workers on a job ara even if a few numbers of workers arsehole finish the comparable job at the same quality level.Furthermore, wages of FMC Green River is relatively high relative to other FMC Corporations plants all over the United States. Combining this fact with the study that job areas in FMC Green River sens be performed by less number of people seems to be the reason behind they are performing inefficiently. They said plant pays w orkers that are really not add to the entire company. Worker-management and worker-worker relationship is also of low level since running(a) stations of any(prenominal) worker are located far from one another thereby causing a less moveion mingled with every employee.Ken Daily, though he encourages interaction between the management and the employees, still, given the fact that the working stations of every worker are located far from one another would only execute his management style of being interactive and open fail. It has been identified that the structure of the plants of FMC Green River is already mature and essential(prenominal) be renovated and structured in such(prenominal) a way that every workers sewer interact with each in format for the management style of Daily and FMC Aberdeen to work in FMC Green River.The loose recruitment process of FMC Green River also contributed for the low productivity of their production floors since not all of the workers of FMC Green River are skilled enough to assume responsibilities in the said plant. Alternatives One of the possible options that Daily must implement would be to renovate the structure of FMC Green Rivers plants in such a way that the workers will have enough chances of interacting with one another thereby creating an avenue towards the ontogeny of sense of teamwork and group effort to attain higher quality output for the company (Binkley, 2007).Another possible alternative that FMC Green River could implement would be to review the performances of every employee and provide sanctions to those that have negative performances. Even though these employees are being protected by the labor union, still, with the basis of not conforming to the standards of FMC Green River, the management can right away fire those employees with low performance and productivity. On the other hand, FMC Green River management must provide incentives to those employees that able to surpass the expectations of t he management.This will motivate every employees of the said plant to perform productively. FMC Green River must provide a new set of schedules for the entire work force of the plant in such a way that there will be no worker that will be laid off and only the optimum number of workers will only report on a specific day depending on the urgency of the production line. Daily must reach out to his workers and employees to organizing company outings, picnics per department in order to establish a good working relation with the workers and at the same time earning their trust (Weber, 2007).A manager that approaches an ordinary worker will be appreciated by the latter and will boost the morale of every employees of the plant. The last but not the least alternative would be the provision of trainings and seminars for FMC Green Rivers workers that would enhance not only their skills but also their panorama on performing their responsibilities in the company. With this, Ken Daily will be a ble to increase the productivity as well as the flexibility of his workers in performing their responsibilities to the company.Recommendation Among the above identified alternatives above, the roughly effective alternative would be the restructuring of FMC Green Rivers plants in such a way that every workers will have a chance to interact with each other creating enough room for the development of teamwork and cooperation on every workers of FMC Green River. This will increase the productivity of the workers and at the same time the productivity of the plants.If this will become successful, it would be now easy for Daily to approach his workers and make bond as well as to earn their trust and this solution will also boost the morale of every workers of FMC Green River (Levit, 2002). Implementation and Contingency Plan The renovation of various plants will take one at a time in order not to affect the operation of the entire company. After this, Daily is expected to launch some acti vities, as a mood starter, of the interactions of every worker on their new working stations after the renovation process.A few months after this, Daily can now launch activities that would enhance the interaction of employees from various departments and then from various plant to widen the run for of interaction in FMC Green River. If this solution will not work, then the restructuring of workers schedule in such a way that all of the workers will still remain in the company yet the optimal number of workers are the ones that will report on a given day in order to minimize their operational cost and increase the productivity of the entire company.

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Media Influences on Social Norms and Health

Medias sureness on Illness Messages the Public learn In todays polish, the media runs many aspects of daily life. For the decide of this research the media entrust encompass television, newspaper, magazines, and lucre and the messages learned from these outlets relating to illness. In addition, investigating how slew in government agency authoritative the messages portrayed on the media outlets and the agenda behind the messages. The stack or organizations that influence the media have a big impact on the way we learn or feel roughly illness.Human beingnesss can aim to accept most anything that is repeated on the news, published in magazines, and said by battalion of influence. populate in force out will include, for the purpose of this argument, those with credentials, self-help experts, and funding agencies for specific illnesses. The media and people in power ascertain what the humanity learns about illness. Moreover, generalizing illness when there is a finical grow or what socio-economic classifying suffers from the disorder or illness. According to Brumberg (2000), anorexia nervosa was a relatively unheard of illness until the 1980s.Today it is so commonplace that women will see a friend who has lost weight or looks skinny and refer to her as flavour anorexic. If this disease was barely labeled as anorexia around thirty years ago how did it explode into mainstream culture so quickly? There are a number of different arguments to pose elite women from common ivy League universities took interest in the excreteic, the three most popular womens magazines published many stories about the disease, and people of social status died from this disease (Brumberg 2000).Different diverse newspapers became intrigued and jumped on the anorexia bandwagon, even including pictures of gauntly women on the covers claiming outrageously proud numbers of women that at present have this disease (Brumberg, 2000). It is also important to note that near ly every last(predicate) of the anorexia sufferers were livid and came from rich families (Brumberg 2000). These girls coming from wealthy families obviously had the money to pay for treatment and doctors. It is possible that their families ran in circles with doctors, scientists, and people that have social status to make powerful decisions.These decisions gene sayd media attendance leading to the popular public being flooded with movies, documentaries, and news broadcasts (Brumberg 2000). If these arrogateed by this new disease of anorexia were poor and underprivileged arguably the public would not have learned about anorexia and it might by chance not exist today. Like anorexia, the disease of fibromyalgia did not exist as a labeled disorder until the mid seventies (Barker 1999). Remarkably now six million Americans are diagnosed a syndrome which did not exist thirty years ago.Self-help literature and the internet is one of the biggest facilitators in generating information to the public as well as funded organizations (Barker 1999). According to Barker (1999) fibromyalgia is characterized by many different symptoms and it can present itself differently for every case. Interesting enough during interviews Barker performed with twenty-five women but one woman had not read self-help books, but she relied on information from her support group leader to learn about her syndrome (Barker 1999).Debatably, these women may have never learned they had a syndrome, lived their lives without media messages, and possibly pitch money, time, and heartache dealing with this new diagnosis. By looking at the new diseases of fibromyalgia and anorexia it is clear that the media and people of influence taught the general public about these illnesses and facilitated there widespread exposure, but how does the media choose what messages to deliver and what messages to keep away(p) from the general public.Clearly, anorexia was a disease of wealthy, attractive girls which c ould make a good story, generating money for the news outlets, doctors, and pharmaceutic companies. In addition, fibromyalgia could generate the same type of financial gain for doctors and medical companies, but are these the only motivators for the media and powerful people. According to Armstrong, Carpenter, and Hojnacki (2004) who constructed a study about whose deaths matter in America with attention to the majority media and the same motivators were congruent with the results they found.Consistent with powerful people controlling messages in the media, Armstrong et. al (2004) discovered that celebrities and members of Congress sound involved with different diseases promoting attention and consequently leading to these promoted diseases appearing on national media outlets. For example, when Karen Carpenter died of anorexia it brought many celebrities together to publicize anorexia teaching the public the importance of treatment for anorexia (Brumberg 2000).The media claims tha t the diseases they cover are those that affect the general population but ironically the people that dictate what these general population diseases are, consist of the influential people and those with credentials (Armstrong et. al 2004). During Armstrong et. al (2004) study they also discovered that the media is more likely to cover diseases that affect white people than black people, even if a disease is killing many more blacks than whites. bulk media focuses more on the color of someones skin and social status than the mortality rate of a certain disease or illness.This absurdity can also be seen not only with what the media covers, but with what they choose not to cover. From the 1960s to 1980s black men in Harlem had a dismantle rate of survival than men in Bangladesh (McCord and Freeman 1990) and this was not publicized or put on any major media outlet. If white men had a lower survival rate it would have been all over the major news headlines because of their socio-econom ic status and control towards the media. The unequal coverage of media attention because of issues of power, race, and money in turn condition the general publics perception about illness.Even people that are educate and intelligent many times cannot control being manipulated by the media to go along with messages they are delivering. Whats more is if the doctors, celebrities, and powerful funding companies are not endorsing an illness, therefore the media does not cover it, the general public will not ever hear about it. Surely, if anorexia suffers would have been black women with low socio-economic status the top womens magazines in the country would not have published stories, news broadcasts would have been non-existent, and quite possibly anorexia would only be known to few and not a mainstream disease.Diseases that affect minority groups draw farthest less media attention and Armstrong et. al (2004) theorizes that it stems from predominantly white broadcasters and media exec utives. Furthermore, speculating that media workers would rather focus on illness that affects their cross social class and group (Armstrong et. al 2004). This theory continues to support the argument that the people in power are working through the media to control the messages the public learn about illness and disease.Organized advocates, research scientists, and politically active organizations also have a high investment in messages the media relays to the public. Advocates call great attention to their cause threw drawing on media attention and aligning themselves with politicians that support their cause in accordance with the form _or_ system of government goals of the politician (Armstrong et. al 2004). It is a win for all involved the politicians get the media coverage they trust for their agenda, again sending messages about illness in a political format.People in power and the media have an rattling(a) function in controlling what messages the public learns about il lness. There are many different reasons they want to control the messages humans take in through various types of media outlets. Facilitating their own social group, money, and political gain are just a few addressed in this argument. The mass media, controlled by powerful people decide what illness they want the public to learn about and often times it has more to do with race and status than how many people are actually suffering or even demise from a disease. ReferencesMcCord, C. & Freeman, H. P. (1990). Excess Mortality in Harlem. New England Journal of Medicine, 32225 p. 173-177. Brumberg, J. J. (2000). Anorexia Nervosa in Context. Fasting Girls pp. 10-21, 33-42 264-267. Armstrong, E. , Carpenter, D. & Hojnacki, M. E. (2006). Whose Deaths egress? Mortality, Advocacy, and Attention to Disease in the Mass Media. Journal of Health Politics and Law 314, pp. 729-772. Barker, K. (2002). Self-Help writings and the Making of an Illness Identity The Case of Fibromyalgia Syndrome ( FMS). Social Problem 493, pp. 279-300.