Saturday, April 20, 2019

Program Improvement Status and Standardized Math Scores Essay

Program Improvement view and Standardized Math Scores - Essay ExampleThis chapter serves to the give the reader an overview of the comments received in regards to apiece of the seven query questions asked during this study. An overview of each question will be given, followed by a thorough analytic thinking of the responses as given by each of the members assembled to take vary in the exploratory part of this study. separately of the participants serving on the research panel was either an administrator, teacher, or support personnel soon utilise in an elementary school in the Los Angeles Unified School territorial dominion. Each of the schools represented was also currently on program improvement status. No names were included in the published findings, however, so as to further ensure the confidentiality and anonymity of each participant. Individuals also had a minimum of five years of work through in their current field. The total time needed to conduct all interviews wa s four weeks and no participants opted to angle of dip of the study. This resulted in a 100% interview response rate. In total, 20 individuals were selected to be a part of the research panel for this project, based on their answers to the initial survey designed to determine each individuals capacity to provide substantive and meaningful insight about elementary schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District that are currently on Program Improvement Status. All of the interviews took place via telephone. As such, each interview was digitally recorded, with the permission of each participant, for later transcription by the researcher.

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