Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Proving God's Existence is Not Quite a Necessary Task - Love, the Research Paper

Proving beau ideals Existence is Not Quite a requirement Task - Love, the Strongest Argument, is a Key - Research Paper ExampleApparently, even faith which is immaterial by reputation is put to intense questioning merely because scientific endeavors have answered and fulfilled most of universes quest for improving the quality and meaning of life. So no matter how strong God is perceived through faith, still, science is made to require evidence to support a spiritual sentence that there is God, the creator of solely things including men, science, philosophies, and other fields of knowledge. By inductive reasoning, no belief whitethorn be established until concrete specific proof is met but, is this really necessary for God whose divine nature is rather inclined to reveal Him in abstract yet special ways of conveying the law of his being? To me, it occurs that experiencing the physical world is adequate for an intimate sense of the beauty of nature is itself an inexplicable que ry though vividly seen, heard, and felt. Faith may not speak to me in philosophical terms to ascertain a moment of awe that has struck me somewhere, heart and mind, but it certainly speaks to me with love that is the most super C language in any context and in all areas of knowledge regardless of mans race, creed, color, and ideological upbringing. How is it possible to hold Gods existence in disbelief when the universe, with all the heavenly bodies, is kept in perfect order by forces known as the pull of gravitation? laughingstock these forces alone think as rational human beings do and act accordingly, knowing their worth in effecting harmony across the interstellar expanse? Surely there is supreme entity, a rational and passing intelligent one who, with immense powers and wisdom, is able to design and command a non-living system of planets and stars to play their start up whether in maintaining or transforming a galaxy. I am particularly fascinated about unity in several things and the concept of order and symmetry is tangibly made known to us in sop up of biological forms and anatomies of life. Simply running an imaginary vertical axis down the center of the human consistence is like creating a mirror where we see one half reflect the other that our set of eyes, ears, arms, and legs in pairs mirror each other exactly. How often do we ever ponder on this and the reason for symmetry as well as regularity in shapes everywhere? Then we are led to witness thought on balance, on the idea of equilibrium which is very closely associated to order. Imagine a item in which one of our eyes is at the back of the head while the other lies in face of the knee. Could this account for a picture of regularity and balance? If not, how could humans and other creatures evolve by such(prenominal) regular fashion in the absence of an impeccably systematic, profound scheme? How can God be not part of this if we completely acknowledge the spontaneous function of natur e from which to realize that not all natural activities are seen by the naked eye? At this point, if we have learned to regard the spiritual domain behavior within nature then we must learn to acknowledge beyond doubt in addition the invisible presence of an unseen worker who is above every form of existence. Albert Einstein expresses that though he rejects the notion

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