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Sony PlayStation 3 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Sony PlayStation 3 - Case Study ExampleRetrieved November 7, 2009 from Gomo News http//www.gomonews.com/the-global-mobile-gaming- trade-will-grow-at-a-166-percent-cagr-to-reach-18-billion-in-201418This makeup presents a detailed discussion on how Sony has been able to identify and use key elements of the marketing mingle to build and maintain its market position in the fiercely competitive world of video games consoles. The market is basically an oligopoly dominated by its trine main players - Sonys PlayStation, Nintendos Wii and Microsofts Xbox 360.It is marketing driven organisations that put their customers first and argon ultimately the most succeederful businesses. This is the classic marketing practice of producing the chasten product at the right price and in the right place - three of the four Ps of marketing - the other, of course, being promotion. Timing is in addition critical. If all of this can be achieved when the customer needs or desires the product then the for mula for success is complete.Of course marketing is not as simple as the four ps. There are many subsets to the blanket(a) headings of product, price, place and promotion. This report does not attempt to cover all of these headings and subsets but rather it focuses on three distinct but interrelated areas that are crucial to a) perceptiveness the marketplace in which the Sony PlayStation product is direct and b) implementing strategies in that marketplace to both enhance customer value and improve Sonys business performance.This report focuses on the three strategic areas, namely, competitive advantage, consumer buying behaviour, and marketing communications strategy. It examines how Sony has used and managed them to improve its market understanding and performance. The understanding of these three strategic marketing areas and their integration at the planning and execution stages of the marketing serve well will be shown to be capable of delivering positive benefits to Sony.Or ganisationSony is a multinational corporation with headquarters in Japan. It is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of electronics. Its annual revenue exceeded US $78.88 billion for the financial year terminate 2008 (Sony financial results, 2009). With the global recession taking hold in the first two quarters of 2009, the confederacy reported losses and the third quarter is expected to follow a similar pattern (iStockAnalyst, 2009)Sony peck is the electronics business unit that is responsible for the production and marketing of its video games consoles including the Sony PlayStation. The history of the PlayStation began in 1988 when Sony and Nintendo worked together on a product called the Super Disc. However, Sony and Nintendo parted company and the Super Disc was never launched by Nintendo. In 1991, Sony

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